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oral history

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Daniel Meadows - 50 years of The Free Photographic Omnibus Daniel Meadows is a pioneer of contemporary British documentary practice. A photographer, documentarian and digital storyteller. He returns to the Bodleian library to muse on his life and archive and the power of photography. Daniel Meadows 27 Jun 2023
2 Neil Barclay Georgina Ferry interviews Neil Barclay. Georgina Ferry, Neil Barclay 06 Mar 2018
3 George Brownlee Georgina Ferry interviews George Brownlee. Georgina Ferry, George Brownlee 06 Mar 2018
4 Herman Waldmann Georgina Ferry interviews Herman Waldmann. Georgina Ferry, Herman Waldmann 06 Mar 2018
5 Pete Stroud Georgina Ferry interviews Pete Stroud. Georgina Ferry, Pete Stroud 06 Mar 2018
6 Eric Sidebottom Georgina Ferry interviews Eric Sidebottom. Georgina Ferry, Eric Sidebottom 06 Mar 2018
7 Elizabeth Robertson Georgina Ferry interviews Elizabeth Robertson. Georgina Ferry, Elizabeth Robertson 06 Mar 2018
8 Fiona Powrie Georgina Ferry interviews Fiona Powrie. Georgina Ferry, Fiona Powrie 06 Mar 2018
9 Gordon MacPherson Georgina Ferry interviews Gordon MacPherson. Georgina Ferry, Gordon Macpherson 06 Mar 2018
10 Keith Gull Georgina Ferry interviews Keith Gull. Georgina Ferry, Keith Gull 06 Mar 2018
11 Gillian Griffiths Georgina Ferry interviews Gillian Griffiths. Georgina Ferry, Gillian Griffiths 06 Mar 2018
12 David Greaves Georgina Ferry interviews David Greaves. Georgina Ferry, David Greaves 06 Mar 2018
13 Matthew Freeman Georgina Ferry interviews Matthew Freeman. Georgina Ferry, Matthew Freeman 06 Mar 2018
14 Creative Commons Testimonies on Nazi Forced Labour and the Holocaust Building Digital Environments for Research and Education Cord Pagenstecher 16 May 2016
15 Creative Commons Researching Holocaust survivors in Greece through the Visual History Archive Issues and debates in the research use of testimony Kateřina Králová 16 May 2016
16 Creative Commons Forced alignment using FAVE and DARLA Powerful language technology tools and methods to support oral history research Josef Fruehwald 16 May 2016
17 Creative Commons Using forced alignment and HTML5 media syntax to share speech archive data Powerful language technology tools and methods to support oral history research John Coleman 16 May 2016
18 Creative Commons Building an open sound archive The case of the Grammo-foni (Gra.fo) project Silvia Calamai 16 May 2016
19 Creative Commons Oral Histories of Hidden Children in Denmark during the Holocaust Narratives, Identity and Trauma Sofie Lene Bak 16 May 2016
20 Creative Commons Language Technologies: INTER-VIEWS A Search and Annotation Tool for Oral History Henk van den Heuvel 16 May 2016
21 Creative Commons Language Technologies: ELAN A short introduction to the ELAN annotation and processing suite of tools Sebastian Drude 16 May 2016
22 Creative Commons Increasing the Impact of Oral History Data with Human Language Technologies How CLARIN is already helping researchers Arjan van Hessen 16 May 2016
23 Creative Commons CLARIN Data, Services and Tools What language technologies are available that might help process, analyse and explore oral history collections? Dieter van Uytvanck 16 May 2016
24 Creative Commons Oral History Collections How to exploit the multidisciplinary potential of Oral History narratives Stef Scagliola 16 May 2016
25 Creative Commons Oral History as Research Data Interviews, collections, archives, data and history - a view from the UK Data Archive. Louise Corti 16 May 2016
26 Creative Commons From Search to Exploration Barriers and opportunities in using oral history archives as data resources Jakub Mlynář 16 May 2016
27 Creative Commons Panel 3: The Language of Revolution: University on the Square Documentation Project: A glimpse into the Economic and Business History Research Center's Contribution Randa Kaldas of the American University in Cairo discusses the unfolding oral history project on the Egyptian revolution based at the American University in Cairo. Randa Kaldas 25 May 2012