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northern ireland

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Northern Ireland in WW2 - TFH Collection Day at the Linen Hall, Belfast Interview with Scott Edgar at the Linen Hall Library, Belfast, just after hosting the first TFH Collection Day event in Northern Ireland. Joseph Quinn, Scott Edgar 13 Jul 2023
2 Creative Commons OxPeace 2022 Session 2: Part 3 Professor Brandon Hamber presents "Tripping, falling, yapping: How the Northern Ireland peace process never reached its potential?" Brandon Hamber 10 Jun 2022
3 Creative Commons Emma Smith interviews Claire McGowan Memories, genre fiction and writing under a different pen name are all on the agenda for this podcast with Northern Irish crime author Claire McGowan (and her alter ego Eva Woods). Emma Smith, Claire McGowan 17 Nov 2021
4 Episode 1: Northern Ireland We talk about what ‘Classics’ really means and its place in the 21st century; we discuss Greek vases, ‘Irish modesty’, provincial art, the Sogdians; and we highlight the particular barriers that Northern Irish students may face, and how to overcome them! Sarah Cullinan Herring, Jenyth Evans, Peter Stewart 31 Aug 2021
5 Christianity, Peace and Conflict in Northern Ireland Breakout session on 'Religion, Peace and Conflict.' Second talk: Dr David Tombs, Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College, Dublin. on 'Christianity, Peace and Conflict in Northern Ireland'. David Tombs 11 Jan 2021
6 Oxpeace 2009: The Serious Study of Peace Keynote Professor Neil MacFarlane, Lester Pearson Professor of International Relations (Oxford) introduces Jonathan Powell to give the keynote address at the Conference dinner, on his experience of peacemaking and implementing peace in Northern Ireland. Neil MacFarlane 08 Jan 2021
7 Panel 3: How do Local Memories and Grassroots Mnemonic Actors Challenge National Grand Narratives? Andreza de Souza Santos, Graham Dawson and Jocelyn Alexander give presentations the third panel. Chaired by Kathrin Bachleitner. Andreza de Souza Santos, Graham Dawson, Jocelyn Alexander, Kathrin Bachleitner 05 Jun 2020
8 OxPeace 2018: Strategy, Innovation and Peacebuilding: lessons from Northern Ireland Eva Grosman gives a talk on ‘Strategy, Innovation and Peacebuilding: lessons from Northern Ireland’ at the 2018 Oxpeace Conference. Eva Grosman 16 Nov 2018
9 OxPeace 2018: Equality and Business in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland: Building shared space and community Tina McKenzie discusses ‘Equality and Business in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland: Building shared space and community’ at the 2018 Oxpeace Conference. Tina McKenzie 16 Nov 2018
10 Voice, Agency and Responsibility: Victimhood and Transitional Justice in Northern Ireland Dr. Cheryl Lawther explore the construction and meaning of victimhood in post-conflict Northern Ireland. Cheryl Lawther 22 May 2018
11 Chrissie Steenkamp speaks to Johana Musalkova Dr Chrissie Steenkamp talks to Johana Musalkova about community-based and nationally-driven practices of commemoration in South Africa and Northern Ireland. Chrissie Steenkamp, Johana Musalkova 28 Mar 2018
12 On Bad Terms: Rethinking Reconciliation After Violent Conflict James Hughes, London School of Economics, gives a talk for the OTJR seminar series on 27 April 2015 at 5pm James Hughes 26 May 2015
13 Creative Commons Reporting Northern Ireland. OxPeace 2011 John Seaton, Professor of Media Hstory, University of Westminster, gives the second talk in session 1 of the 2011 OxPeace Day Conference; Media in Conflict and Peacebuilding on 7th May 2011. John Seaton 17 May 2011