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North Korea

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 OxPeace 2021 Session 2: Selected high risk areas (2) Edward Howell presents “North Korea and East Asia” at the OxPeace 2021 Conference. Edward Howell 23 Jun 2021
2 Creative Commons North Korea and The Bomb: A National Mission Why did North Korea nuclearize? Are we on the cusp of nuclear war with North Korea? Join us in the first episode of Alliance as we talk to Historian Cheehyung Harrison Kim about North Korea, nuclear weapons and existential risk. Cheehyung Harrison Kim, Alice Evatt, Henry Tann 15 Feb 2019
3 Creative Commons FMR 45 International cooperation on the North Korean refugee crisis The biggest challenge concerning North Korean refugees is that, as yet, there is no international framework for how to respond once these individuals have crossed the border. Markus Bell, Geoffrey Fattig 07 Apr 2014
4 Creative Commons FMR 41 North Koreans in China in need of international protection Ihe international community needs to reconsider how it might better work towards securing protection for North Koreans. Some may be political refugees, others 'refugees sur place'. Roberta Cohen 08 May 2013
5 Medical anthropology: Famine, food crisis and living standards in North Korea (25 Jan 2010) Dr Daniel Jong Schwekendiek (ISCA, Oxford) examines the methodology and evidence for determining who has been 'better off' in North Korea between the 1940s and 2000s. Daniel Jong Schwekendiek 07 Apr 2010
6 Escaping North Korea This podcast was recorded at a talk and book signing by the author Mike Kim which was on Tuesday 10th March 2009 at St Antony's College, University of Oxford. Mike Kim 27 Mar 2009