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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 The Medea Project: Theatre for Incarcerated People A podcast with Nancy Rabinowitz, Rhodessa Jones, and Angela Wilson Nancy Rabinowitz, Rhodessa Jones, Angela Wilson 01 Jun 2022
2 Final Roundtable: Into the Hills Diane Purkiss, University of Oxford, chairs the final roundtable discussion of the conference. Diane Purkiss 05 Aug 2021
3 Is there such a thing as an authentic myth? Folklore in heritage interpretation at prehistoric places Susan Greaney (English Heritage), gives the second presentation in the sixth panel of the conference, Show and Tell: What is Real? Chaired by Oliver Cox. Susan Greaney 05 Aug 2021
4 Series Two Episode Five: Fairy and Other Transformations Carolyne Larrington and Fay Hield discuss the theme of transformation through fairy or other kinds of magic. Carolyne Larrington, Fay Hield, Lucy Farrell, Inge Thomson 22 Sep 2020
5 Series Two Episode Four: Fairies and the Environment Carolyne Larrington and Fay Hield talk about a new theme that emerged in the ‘Modern Fairies’ project, fairies as guardians of the environment. Carolyne Larrington, Fay Hield, Ben Nicholls, Inge Thomson 22 Sep 2020
6 Series Two Episode Three: Fairies and Children Carolyne Larrington and Fay Hield uncover the works inspired by the strange tale of the Green Children and the changeling legend. Carolyne Larrington, Fay Hield, Terri Windling, Brian McMahon 22 Sep 2020
7 Series Two Episode Two: Fairy Time and Space Carolyne Larrington and Fay Hield explore the ways in which the project artists engaged with the fairy world as parallel and yet distinct from our world, and the ways in which time warps in the other world. Carolyne Larrington, Fay Hield, Barney Morse Brown, Ewan MacPherson 22 Sep 2020
8 Series Two Episode One: Introducing the Modern Fairies Project Carolyne Larrington and Fay Hield introduce the artists and outcomes of the Modern Fairies Project. Carolyne Larrington, Fay Hield 22 Sep 2020
9 St Antony's Looks at the World - Ep. 3 Professor Kalypso Nicolaïdis Professor of International Relations, Faculty Fellow, St Antonys College discusses her recent reflections on the Coronavirus pandemic and what it means for our story and myth. Kalypso Nicolaidis 26 Aug 2020
10 Gorgons, gods and gladiators: how to decorate a Pompeian wall This interactive talk explores the myths, legends and scenes of daily life that Romans painted and scratched onto the walls of their houses. Alison Pollard 17 Dec 2019
11 From Memory: Isaiah Berlin, Literary Encounters and Life-Stories Wolfson's President, Professor Hermione Lee, gave an evocative lecture at Lincoln's Inn, London, entitled 'From Memory: Isaiah Berlin, Literary Encounters and Life-Stories' Hermione Lee 01 May 2014
12 Creative Commons Myth and Mystery: Faith, otherness and the limits of science Sermon on the limits of science, including reflections on Genesis 2.15-17; 3.1-7. Delivered in Oriel College Chapelon 26th February 2012 by Professor Tina Beattie (Director, Digby Stuart Research Centre for Catholic Studies, Roehampton University). Tina Beattie 01 Mar 2012
13 Creative Commons Slade Lectures 2010: Week 8: Walking distance from the studio: cities, maps, and myths Eighth and final Slade Lecture in Surrealism and Art History given by Dawn Ades, Professor of Art History and Theory at Essex University on 10th March 2010. Dawn Ades 18 Apr 2011
14 Creative Commons Myth, Memory, Fandom: Konstantin Simonov and his Readers in the 1950s and 1960s Twelfth presentation of the Research Approaches to Former Soviet States: A Practical Introduction conference. Introduction by Jon Waterlow. Polly Jones 22 Feb 2011