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military history

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 The transmission of Julius Caesar’s Civil War Episode 1 of the Lyell lectures 2024 delivered by Professor Stephen Oakley. Stephen Oakley 18 Jun 2024
2 Alexandria in the Roman Empire: Politics, Commerce and Culture The 2019 Ronald Syme lecture was presented by Professor Alan Bowman and introduced by Sir Tim Hitchens. Alan Bowman 13 Nov 2019
3 Creative Commons India Conquered and Unconquered: The Chaos of Empire and the End of British power in India Jon Wilson speaks at the South Asia Seminar on 16 May 2017 Jon Wilson 27 Mar 2018
4 How To Think About Limited War (Without Limiting Your Thinking) 'Limited War' is one of the terms making a frequent appearance in the strategic studies, international relations, and military history realms over the last 70 years. Donald Stoker 24 Jan 2018
5 Creative Commons How to Educate a General Defining and delivering military education: Col (rtd) Dr Randall Wakelam draws on his historical research to look at what constitutes good military education and how it can be most effectively delivered. Randall Wakelam 21 May 2014
6 Creative Commons Victorious Donkeys? British Generals and Generalship of the First World War Reconsidered The Professor of War Studies at Wolverhampton University, a leading British military historian of the First World War, explodes some myths about British generalship and the performance of the British Army. Gary Sheffield 11 Feb 2014