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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Unveiling the invisible belt: the shareholders of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company, 1897–1901 Drawing on a detailed survey of shareholders of the Marconi in 1897 and 1900, this lecture will trace an overall profile of the diverse categories of investors who dared to back this venture through it's experimental phase to becoming commercially viable. Dr. Anna Guagnini 14 Nov 2022
2 Marconi and media history Dr Noah Arceneaux, Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Media Studies, San Diego State University, Byrne-Bussey Marconi Visiting Fellow 2016-17, Bodleian Library, talks about the history of wireless broadcasting and the Bodleian Marconi Archive. Noah Arceneaux 14 Sep 2017
3 Research business and the shortwave beam: Marconi and the uses of wireless in postwar years Giovanni Paoloni discusses the influence of the development of the shortwave beam technology on Marconi and the Marconi Company Giovanni Paoloni 03 Nov 2016
4 Marconi's early Latin projects over the South-Atlantic Ines Queiroz explores how technical constraints have shaped strategies for wireless networks development Inês Queiroz 03 Nov 2016
5 Creative Commons Ether and Wireless: an Old Medium into New Media Jaume Navarro (Byrne-Bussey Marconi Fellow, 2013) talks about the influence of the idea of the 'ether', an all-pervading substance, in the history of wireless communication. Jaume Navarro, Guglielmo Marconi 15 May 2014
6 Creative Commons Marconi and the Broadcasting Option: Annual Byrne-Bussey Marconi Lecture Held on Marconi day, 20th April, Gabriele Balbi (University of Lugano) gives a talk about Marconi, co-inventor of the radio. Gabriele Balbi 22 Apr 2013
7 Creative Commons Wireless Communications during the Titanic Disaster Michael Hughes (Bodleian Libraries) gives a talk about the final wireless communications from the Titanic. Michael Hughes 22 May 2012
8 Creative Commons Interview: Peter Scott on Marconi and Radio Manufacturing Professor Peter Scott discusses his research into competitive advantage and innovation in the interwar British radio industry using the Marconi Archive, Britain's most extensive and important archive for the radio and related industries. Peter Scott, Jim Bennett 01 Apr 2011
9 Creative Commons Radio Manufacturing in the Interwar Years Professor Peter Scott (University of Reading) presents the inaugural Douglas Byrne Marconi Lecture based on his research on Marconi and radio manufacturing between the World Wars. Peter Scott 01 Apr 2011