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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Radicalizing liberalism: the ideological inversions of Islamic liberalism and moderation in Malaysian politics Carlo Bonura speaks at the Southeast Asia Seminar on 25 April 2018. Carlo Bonura 21 Jun 2018
2 Creative Commons The Bureaucratisation of Islam and its Socio-Legal Dimensions in Southeast Asia: Outlines of a Collaborative Research Project Dominik M. Müller speaks at the Southeast Asia Seminar. Dominik M. Müller 21 Apr 2017
3 Creative Commons Fighting Extremism Through Islamic Moderation Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir (Menteri Besar - Chief Minister - of Perak, Malaysia) speaks at St Antony's College Zambry Abdul Kadir 31 May 2016
4 Creative Commons The Development of Islamic Finance in Malaysia: Facts, Issues and Potential Arshad Mohamed Ismail speaks on Islamic Finance at the Southeast Asia seminar Arshad Mohamed Ismail 21 Apr 2016
5 Launch of Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network: Datuk Dr Rahamat Bivi Bt.Yusoff Ministers and distinguished high-level representatives from around twenty countries formally launched a new Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network in Oxford on 6 June. Datuk Dr Rahamat Bivi Bt.Yusoff, Malaysia. Rahamat Bivi Bt.Yusoff 10 Jul 2013