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liquid nitrogen

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Superconductors: why it’s cool to be repulsive A family-friendly demonstration of superconductors in action. Fran explores the low temperatures we need to make them work, and how we can use superconductors for levitating trains. Fran Kirschner 25 Oct 2017
2 Creative Commons The Chemistry Show 2015 Malcolm Stewart and Dr Fabrice Birembaut are back again with their highly entertaining flash bang lecture! Let Santa and his elf take you on a discovery journey from cold to hot chemistry! Malcolm Stewart, Fabrice Birembaut 14 Dec 2015
3 Creative Commons The Chemistry Show Join Dr Malcolm Stewart and Dr Fabrice Birembaut to find out just how much fun chemistry can be. Young, or not so young, you'll be entertained and educated by the sort of chemistry you never get to see at school: baffling, tantalising and LOUD! Malcolm Stewart, Fabrice Birembaut 03 Feb 2012
4 Creative Commons The Accelerate! Show Get up close and personal with the exciting world of particle and accelerator physics. Learn how particle accelerators can do everything from recreating conditions just after the Big Bang to finding new ways to treat cancer. Andrew Steele, Suzie Sheehy 03 Feb 2012