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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Inaugural George Rousseau Lecture - Liberty as equality: Rousseau and Roman constitutionalism Dan Edelstein from Stanford University gives the Inaugural George Rousseau Lecture, the convenor is Avi Lifschitz, Magdalen College. Dan Edelstein, Avi Lifschitz 01 May 2019
2 Isaiah Berlin on Liberty Aileen Kelly, Emerita Reader at King's College, Cambridge, gave the 2018 annual Isaiah Berlin Lecture at Wolfson College, Oxford. The lecture, which was given on November 8th, was introduced by Sir Tim Hitchens. Aileen Kelly 30 Nov 2018
3 Creative Commons Irshad Manji on Allah, Liberty and Love The director of the Moral Courage Project says so-called “respect” for Muslims is often lined with fear and “low expectations” of those practising the faith. Irshad Manji 28 Jun 2016
4 Creative Commons FMR 44 Establishing arbitrariness There is no understanding of what the term "arbitrary" entails; understanding it requires awareness of the different factors affecting how individual deprivations of liberty are examined and understood. Stephen Phillips 25 Sep 2013
5 Creative Commons The Idea of the State: a Genealogy Quentin Skinner gives a genealogy of the modern state, arguing that we should not understand the state simply as the government, but rather as a fictional person, enabling us to explain such things as shared responsibility for debt over generations. Quentin Skinner 11 May 2010
6 Creative Commons Political Perspectives to State Censorship of Literature Peter McDonald and David Robertson discuss the idea of state censorship, especially Apartheid era South Africa, looking at the political perspectives and implications of state censorship of literature. Peter McDonald, David Robertson 17 Nov 2009
7 Alexander Herzen: His Opinions and Character (1955) Lecture on Alexander Herzen, philosopher and founder of Russia’s first free press. Berlin discusses Herzen’s passionate belief in individual liberty and his distaste for the new violent radicalism in the Russia of his time. Isaiah Berlin 15 Apr 2009