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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons How Universal is Liberalism? Professor Ronald Dworkin, New York University, delivers the 2012 Ralf Dahrendorf Memorial Lecture, with response from Professor Sir Adam Roberts, President of the British Academy. Ronald Dworkin, Timothy Garton Ash, Adam Roberts 30 May 2012
2 Creative Commons Institute of Fiscal Studies - Current Issues in the Taxation of Land and Income: Part Two Paul Johnson from the Institute of Fiscal Studies talks about current issues within land tax as part of the 1909 People's Budget Symposium. Paul Johnson 12 Jan 2010
3 Creative Commons Institute of Fiscal Studies - Current Issues in the Taxation of Land and Income: Part One Stuart Adam from the Institute of Fiscal Studies gives a talk for the 1909 People's Budget Symposium in which he talks about the current conflicts in land and income tax. Stuart Adam 12 Jan 2010
4 Creative Commons Lloyd George and his Special Advisers and the Unionist Reaction to the Budget Iain McLean gives a talk in which he talks about Lloyd George's strategy to get the People's Budget through Parliament and past his main adversaries; his advisers and his parliamentary colleagues. Iain McLean 12 Jan 2010
5 Creative Commons The Irish Dimension of the 1909 Budget Alvin Jackson talks about the relationship between Ireland and Britain at the time of the 1909 budget. Looking at the home rule question and other potential reforms. Alvin Jackson 12 Jan 2010
6 Creative Commons The Free Trade Versus Protectionism Debate Frank Trentmann talks about the relationship between free trade and the budget and how the conflict between the ideas of free trade and protectionism shaped the 1909 budget. Frank Trentmann 12 Jan 2010
7 Creative Commons Paying for Social Protection Jose Harris gives a talk on social protection, that is, social welfare and as Lloyd George saw it, the creation of development policies which would increase employment and give wider social protection to people. Jose Harris 12 Jan 2010
8 Creative Commons The Public Finances of 1909 and the Key Proposals of the 1909 Budget Ian Packer gives a presentation on the state of public finances in Britain in 1909 and what the key proposals of the 1909 budget were. Ian Packer 12 Jan 2010
9 Creative Commons Introduction to the 1909 People's Budget Lord Morgan of Aberdyfi introduces the symposium on Lloyd George's People's Budget, a series of lectures looking at the historic People's Budget of 1909. Kenneth O. Morgan 12 Jan 2010
10 Justice after Atrocity: A Cosmopolitan Pluralist Approach Why do ordinary people perpetrate genocide and crimes against humanity? How can these perpetrators be held accountable? Are international prosecutions effective? Is imprisonment a fitting punishment? Mark Drumbl 29 Jan 2009