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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Venture Capital around the world This week Mario Rojas and Andreas Finzel talk about venture capital (VC). They discuss what criteria funds use to evaluate founder pitches and how investing in startups in developing markets differs from more mature economies like the UK. Mario Rojas, Andreas Finzel 10 Jul 2022
2 The Space Episode! Venture with us to the ‘final frontier’ for a very special episode on the future of space. Chad Anderson 28 Jun 2019
3 OSEF 2018: Spotting Investment Opportunities in an Uncertain World - A Panel Discussion Spotting Investment Opportunities in an Uncertain World - A Panel Discussion at Oxford Saïd Entrepreneurship Forum 2018. Spencer Crawley, Stephan Morais, Jenny Tooth, Joe White 09 Apr 2018
4 Creative Commons Positioning Myanmar as an attractive new investment destination in Southeast Asia Sufian Jusoh speaks at the Southeast Asia Seminar. Sufian Jusoh 06 Feb 2018
5 Creative Commons New frameworks for measuring performance International evaluation expert Dr Michael Quinn Patton and OIIP Programme Director Gayle Peterson will discuss best practice and new frameworks for evaluating and measuring performance when investing in solutions to complex, systemic problems. Michael Quinn Patton 18 Oct 2016
6 Oxford’s Global Leadership in Social Enterprise: A panel discussion Social finance and social investment is creating a global buzz, with estimates that the sector will grow over the next decade – an emerging trend that may lead to both vibrant social change and financial returns on investment. Pamela Hartigan 22 Oct 2014
7 Do We Face Secular Stagnation? Panel Discussion Professor Paul Krugman, Sanjaya Lall Visiting Professor, leads a panel discussion on whether the world's economy is facing 'secular stagnation' 5 years after the credit crunch. Paul Krugman, Lord Adair Turner, Lord Robert Skidelsky, David Watson 14 May 2014
8 Sovereignty in Foreign Investment Law A talk by Professor J Viñuales, University of Cambridge, on 17 October 2013. J Viñuales 24 Oct 2013
9 Are investments still protected under Intra-EU BITs? David Reed, Partner, International Arbitration Division, Arnold and Porter - 18 October 2012. David Reed 30 Oct 2012
10 Social Media What is social-media, and how can I use it to benefit my business? Anna Storrs 14 Nov 2011
11 Creative Commons Networking for Business Growth Oxford knows you're here - how about the rest of the world? Learn how to expand your networking, using national organisations. Ian Wenman 14 Nov 2011
12 Creative Commons Getting Connected, Finding Partners or Investors A local support network is one of the most important tools for managing your business and personal interactions. In this session, we'll help you get connected. Placi O'Neill-Espejo 14 Nov 2011
13 Building a Business: Entrepreneurship and the Ideal Business Plan Fiona Reid (Former Executive Director of the Oxford Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation) talks about communicating your vision and the ideal business plan. Fiona Reid 24 Mar 2011
14 What can we learn from history about the current financial crisis? In this seminar, three Oxford academics will discuss what we can learn from business history about today’s financial crisis. Alan Morrison, Alan Bowman, Christopher McKenna 30 Jul 2009
15 David Willetts on Investment in Sciences at Universities David Willetts MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Universities and Skills, visited the University of Oxford on Thursday 18 June. Here he discusses the importance of investment in the sciences at universities, particularly during an economic downturn. David Willetts 13 Jul 2009