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health innovation and entrepreneurship

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Prashant Warier and Qure.ai Integrating Artificial Intelligence in medical imaging for increased accuracy, accessibility, and affordability. Prashant Warier 12 Jan 2024
2 Anna Shuh and Seren Offering a 10$ DNA based diagnostic test for blood disorders and cancer. Anna Shuh 12 Jan 2024
3 Bahbak Miremadi and Elephant Health Implementing a digital platform for essential health packages and universal health coverage. Bahbak Miremadi 12 Jan 2024
4 Maximilian Mancini and Ilara Health Developing a franchise offering for primary health centres in Kenya. Maximilian Mancini 12 Jan 2024
5 Valentina Milanova and Daye Using tampons for STI diagnosis and pain period treatment. Valentina Milanova 12 Jan 2024
6 Conrad Tankou and GICMED Use of smart speculum device to screen and diagnose cervical cancer in Cameroon. Conrad Tankou 12 Jan 2024