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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Race, Rubber, Revolution: Haiti’s 1940s Revisited Professor Matthew Smith, University College London, provides a fascinating insight into the history of Haiti during the 1940s, reassessing the role of the Société Haïtiano-Américane de Développement Agricole (SHADA) in developing rubber plantations. Matthew J. Smith 14 Dec 2023
2 'It Stays With You: Use of Force by UN Peacekeepers in Haiti' Film Screening and Discussion Professor Siobhan Wills discusses the UN Peacekeeping mission in Haiti and her documentary. Siobhan Wills 19 Feb 2018
3 David Nicholls Memorial Annual Lecture, 2017: Professor Andrew Leak, 'New' Governors of the Dew Professor Andrew Leak, University College London, delivered the 18th David Nicholls Memorial Annual Lecture on 'New' Governors of the Dew at Regent's Park College, Oxford on Monday, 16th October 2017. Andrew Leak 08 Nov 2017
4 There’s a Riot Going On: From Haiti to Tunisia Ronald Judy (University of Pittsburgh) gives the second talk in Panel 3: Locating the Tunisian Revolution and Its International Dimension, part of The Tunisian Revolution: Origins, Course and Aftermath Ronald Judy 27 Oct 2014
5 Creative Commons FMR 45 On policies of hospitality and hostility in Argentina Following the Haiti earthquake of 2010, Argentina and other South American countries undertook to receive Haitians. Irene Duffard Evangelista 07 Apr 2014
6 Creative Commons FMR 43 Post-disaster Haitian migration Those who left Haiti in the chaotic aftermath of the 2010 earthquake did not generally find the same posture of solidarity and humanitarianism overseas that was apparent in the significant international assistance that followed the disaster. Diana Thomaz 09 Aug 2013
7 Creative Commons FMR 43 The 'phantom state' of Haiti The fragile nature of the state had turned emigration into a major feature of Haitian life even before the earthquake displaced hundreds of thousands of people. Andreas E Feldmann 09 Aug 2013
8 Creative Commons MapAction: Geospatial support for humanitarian disasters Special seminar by Roy Wood (MapAction) recorded on 30 April 2013 at the Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford. Roy Wood 13 May 2013
9 Creative Commons FMR 38 Citizen initiatives in Haiti The 2010 earthquake in Haiti ushered in a new era for the role and power of technology and communication systems in disaster response, especially for how local responders used them. Imogen Wall 09 Apr 2013
10 Giving in the Digital World For charitable organizations and initiatives, the Internet provides the opportunity to reach more people in more direct and personal ways. Are they grasping this opportunity? Lucy Bernholz 30 Apr 2010
11 Creative Commons Laurence Whitehead; Haiti after the Earthquake Laurence Whitehead talks about the extent of the damage done in Haiti by the earthquake of last year and how the people of Haiti are coping with living after the disaster. Laurence Whitehead 09 Apr 2010
12 Creative Commons John Mitchell; NGO's and humanitarian aid John Mitchell talks about the NGOs and humanitarian organisations work and how they have been working to help Haiti after the earthquake disaster. John Mitchell 09 Apr 2010
13 Creative Commons Paul Sherlock; Oxfam's response to the Haitian Earthquake Paul Sherlock gives his presentation for the event; 'The International Community's Response to Haiti'. Paul Sherlock 09 Apr 2010
14 Creative Commons Ngaire Woods, introduction to the International Community's Response to Haiti Ngaire Woods talks about the international community's humanitarian response to the Haitian Earthquake. Part of a series of presentations entitled 'The International Community's Response to Haiti'. Ngaire Woods 09 Apr 2010
15 Creative Commons The International Community's Response to Haiti Series of presentations looking at the international community's humanitarian response to the Haitian earthquake. Ngaire Woods, John Mitchell, Paul Sherlock, Laurence Whitehead 09 Apr 2010