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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Fire and Wire in the Garden Irene speaks to Dr Chris Thorogood, the Head of Science at Oxford Botanic Garden, about the past, present and future of this extraordinary institution. Irene Tracey, Chris Thorogood 02 Feb 2024
2 Creative Commons Deceived with ornament Plants attract pollinators through their colourful flowers but some plants aren't quite what they seem. Lindsay Turnbull 06 Apr 2020
3 Creative Commons Sex and the single primrose In early spring, primroses and cowslips can be found in many gardens and parks. Their yellow flowers are certainly beautiful, but they also hold a secret: they come in two different types that can only mate with each other. Lindsay Turnbull 26 Mar 2020
4 Science Communication at the University of Oxford Botanic Garden Dr Alison Foster (Jesus College), Senior Curator at the University of Oxford Botanic Garden, talks about her journey from industrial pharmaceutical chemistry research to her current role in horticulture, and offers some tips for major career transitions. Alison Foster 17 Jul 2013
5 Using Science to Enhance Root Function in Crops Part of the Future of Crops Lecture Series held at the Oxford Botanic Gardens. Liam Dolan 19 Jan 2011
6 Creative Commons The OneOak Project:using science and art to revive Britain's wood culture Part of the Future of Crops lecture series delivered at the Oxford Botanic Gardens. Gabriel Hemery 19 Jan 2011
7 Creative Commons Rice as a crop - a 100 year perspective from 1950 to 2050 Part of the Future of Crops lecture series delivered at the Oxford Botanic Gardens. Jane Langdale 19 Jan 2011
8 The Artemisinin Supply for Malaria Control Part of the Healing Power of Plants lecture series given at the Botanic Gardens. Dianna Bowles 21 Dec 2010
9 A Spoonful of Sugar Part of the Healing Power of Plants lecture series held at the Botanic Gardens. Robert Nash 21 Dec 2010
10 Creative Commons Streptomyces in Nature and Medicine: The Antibiotic Makers Although plants are a very important part of a garden, we must not forget about the important contribution that soil makes. Bacteria living in the soil also produce compounds important as modern antibiotics. Sir David Hopwood 17 Nov 2010
11 Creative Commons The Botanic Garden - Your Modern Medicine Cabinet The first talk in the series from the Oxford Botanic Garden. This talk will describe the development of this new area as well as explaining the involvement of some of the plants grown there in the discovery and development of modern drugs. Alison Foster 15 Nov 2010