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freedom of speech

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Tim Wu on the right to be forgotten The author of the Master Switch says that while the right to be forgotten is a good idea in theory, the reality is that it may hamper entrepreneurship in Europe. Tim Wu 29 Jun 2016
2 Creative Commons Susan Benesch on dangerous speech In this interview with Timothy Garton Ash, Susan Benesch, senior fellow at the World Policy Institute, makes a distinction between hate speech and dangerous speech. Susan Benesch 28 Jun 2016
3 Creative Commons Jytte Klausen on Yale University and the Danish cartoons Professor Jytte Klausen analyses and criticises Yale University Press’s decision to remove images of Muhammad from her scholarly book on the Danish cartoons controversy. Jytte Klausen 16 Jun 2016
4 Creative Commons Trust and Free Speech: some reflections. This Geddes lecture, marking the 30th anniversary of Philip Geddes' death in the Harrods bombing is by the Rt Hon the Lord Patten of Barnes CH, the Chancellor of the University of Oxford and Chairman of the BBC Trust. Chris Patten 28 Feb 2013
5 FLJS part 2: Freedom of Speech Aharon Barak discusses the idea of Freedom of Speech and asks whether it is right to limit this freedom to protect against hate speech. Part 2 of the 2009 Foundation for Law Justice and Society Annual Lecture. Aharon Barak 24 Jul 2009
6 2009 Annual Lecture: Human rights and their limitations: the role of proportionality The former President of the Israeli Supreme Court Aharon Barak addresses the appropriate balance between security and the safeguarding of human rights. Aharon Barak 24 Jul 2009