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freedom of movement

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 2. Free Movement | The Europe’s Stories Podcast Ana and Lucas speak today with Luisa Melloh, who manages the project behind this series. Many things flow across borders - capital, goods, ideas - but young Europeans also assume that they themselves can move freely and with ease. Luisa Melloh, Ana Martins, Lucas Tse 14 Sep 2021
2 1. Who Are Young Europeans | The Europe’s Stories Podcast Today, Ana and Lucas speak with Dan Snow and Maeve Moynihan about who young Europeans are. Maeve Moynihan, Dan Snow, Ana Martins, Lucas Tse 07 Sep 2021
3 Creative Commons FMR 44 Freedom of movement of Afghan refugees in Iran Although legally justifiable, increasing restrictions on movement and work for refugees in Iran have detrimental effects for the refugees. Farshid Farzin, Safinaz Jadali 04 Oct 2013