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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Fatness and the body 5/5: When the measure becomes the metric - making sense of the body mass index in research and practice How body size is used in research and discourse on health, bringing together theory from anthropology, sociology, public health and more. With llya Gutin, University of Texas at Austin llya Gutin 24 Jun 2024
2 Fatness and the body 4/5: Fifteen (plus!) ways estrogens influence adipose tissues Exploring the phenomenal range of roles estrogens play with respect to our metabolism – a range that is only just beginning to be understood. With Deborah Clegg, Texas Tech University Deborah Clegg 24 Jun 2024
3 Fatness and the body 3/5: Why is there a higher prevalence of overweight and obesity in rural areas? A qualitative study of rural children's perspectives of rural foodways Exploring children's views on their diets in relation to culture, identity and tradition in their everyday lives. With Ellen Margrete Iveland Ersfjord, University of Agder, Norway Ellen Margrete Iveland Ersfjord 24 Jun 2024
4 Fatness and the body 2/5: Being fat or having obesity - combining social constructivism and biomedical research on childhood obesity Where or what is the difference between childhood obesity and fatness, who has the right to decide that, and why is it important? With Zofia Boni, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan Zofia Boni 24 Jun 2024
5 Fatness and the body 1/5: Childhood adversity and adiposity - examining differences by sociocultural context Looking at the complex relationships between adversity in childhood and obesity in adulthood, with Shakira Suglia, Emory University Shakira Suglia 24 Jun 2024
6 Creative Commons It's not fat - it’s bioprene: marathon swimming and heroic fatness Karen Throsby, Leeds University, gives a talk for the Michaelmas term UBVO seminar series. Karen Throsby 17 Dec 2014
7 Creative Commons Exploring critical geographies of obesity and fatness: environments, bodies and activism Rachel Colls, Durham University, gives a talk for the Michaelmas Term UBVO seminar series. Rachel Colls 17 Dec 2014
8 Creative Commons Biocultural perspectives on globalizing fat stigma Professor Alexandra Brewis, Director of Human Evolution and Social Change and ASU-Mayo Obesity Solutions, gives a talk for the UBVO Seminar series Alexandra Brewis 09 Dec 2013