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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons It runs in the family: How to navigate various crises in the world of family business In this episode of season 5, Sandhya Sridhar, Oxford Saïd MBA and host, discusses the world of family business with fellow student Shwe Yee Win. Sandhya Sridhar, Shwe Yee Win 09 Feb 2023
2 6 - Professor Tarje Nissen-Meyer Geophysics Professor Tarje Nissen-Meyer talks about balancing (or not) a busy academic career and family life when you're deeply passionate about both. Professor Tarje Nissen-Meyer 24 Jan 2023
3 Creative Commons Emma Smith interviews Shahnaz Ahsan Shahnaz Ahsan is Emma's guest to discuss her debut novel, Hashim & Family. They talk about Bangladesh, about the personal and the political, and about the classroom experience that has seared itself into her fiction. Emma Smith, Shahnaz Ahsan 17 Dec 2021
4 Book at Lunchtime: Born to Write A TORCH Book at Lunchtime webinar on ‘Born to Write: Literary Families and Social Hierarchy in Early Modern France’ by Professor Neil Kenny. Neil Kenny, Caroline Warman, Ceri Sullivan, Wes Williams 29 Jun 2021
5 Creative Commons 3 Failure and the Farewell to Academia. Why does the idea of leaving academia so often feel like professional failure? Susan Blackmore, Julia Bray, Rachel Bray, Chiara Cappellaro 22 May 2018
6 In search of the Phoenicians Book at Lunchtime, In search of the Phoenicians Josephine Quinn, Hindy Najman, Stephanie Dalley, John Watts 10 May 2018
7 Rachel Seiffert speaks to Catherine Gilbert Novelist Rachel Seiffert talks to Dr Catherine Gilbert about the ritual of memory and the possibilities of fiction as a response to a difficult past. Rachel Seiffert, Catherine Gilbert 08 Dec 2017
8 Creative Commons Social Mobility: Can family policy make a difference? Naomi Eisenstadt gives a talk for the UBVO seminar seires on 1st December 2016. Please note, there were technical difficulties during the recording of this episode so it will stop at 12:34. We apologise for this. Naomi Eisenstadt 28 Feb 2017
9 Inside the 'Black Box' of the Family The family is often seen as one unit, sharing resources equally, with money being neutral whatever its origin or purpose. But research by Fran Bennett suggests this is too simple. Fran Bennett 19 Sep 2016
10 'Relationships' part 2 - New fathers How do new fathers form relationships with their children? What is the unique role of a father? What do they contribute to the development of their children? What is male post-natal depression? Anna Machin 22 Apr 2016
11 Is there a ‘right’ approach to family philanthropy? A talk by Dr Ineke Koele at the Oxford Centre for the Study of Philanthropy, Green Templeton College, University of Oxford. David Gann, Ineke Koele 16 Nov 2015
12 Children in Poverty:Vectors of shame? A seminar by Elaine Chase of the University of Oxford Department of Social Policy and Intervention delivered on 5 March 2013 Elaine Chase 30 Jun 2015
13 Creative Commons Using social science research to influence policy: the case of the family justice system Ceridwen Roberts, Department of Social Policy and Intervention, gives a talk as part of the Centenary seminar series in Michaelmas Term 2013, celebrating 100 years of social enquiry at Oxford University's Department of Social Policy and Invervention. Ceridwen Roberts 26 Feb 2014
14 Creative Commons What is the relationship between new migration and community change? Migration is presumed to be a major driver of change at the neighborhood level. What is the evidence? This briefing explores current understanding and evidence about the neighborhood changes associated with new migration. David Robinson 20 Aug 2012
15 Creative Commons The Impact of European Court of Human Rights' Decisions and Turkish Code Reforms Pertaining to the Headscarf on Islamist Women in Turkey: Enabling Emancipation or Legitimizing Discrimination? Sarah Ficher, (American University), gives a talk for the Legal Reform and Political Change Affecting Women in the MENA Region held on Tuesday 12 June, 2012 in St Antony's College. Sarah Ficher 20 Jul 2012
16 Creative Commons Before the 'Days of Rage': Registers of Bahraini Women's Activism Part of the Legal Reform and Political Change Affecting Women in the MENA Region conference: Politicizing Women and Women's Issues by Nova Robinson (Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey). Nova Robinson 13 Jun 2012
17 Creative Commons Changing state-society relations in Morocco through family law reform: 'the state enters the home of the citizen'. Part of the Legal Reform and Political Change Affecting Women in the MENA Region conference: Legal Reforms in Theory and Practice by Dörthe Engelcke (University of Oxford):. Dörthe Engelcke 13 Jun 2012
18 Creative Commons Custody regulations in the United Arab Emirates: Legal reforms and social realities. Part of the Legal Reform and Political Change Affecting Women in the MENA Region conference: Legal Reforms in Theory and Practice by Lena-Maria Möller (Max-Planck-Institute Hamburg). Lena-Maria Möller 13 Jun 2012
19 02. What do the labels mean? An explanation of the features of the plant labels at the Botanic Garden. Timothy Walker 28 May 2012
20 Creative Commons Ethnicity, Power and Kinship. Female Chiefs in Tanzania, 1870-1940 Heide Schmidt, Professor of African Studies, University of Vienna, gives a talk for the African Studies Seminar series on 16th May, 2011. Heike Schmidt 23 May 2011
21 How Much Does Family Matter? A Cross-Cultural Study of the Impact of Kin on Birth and Death Rates Lecture delivered by Dr Rebecca Sear, Lecturer in Population Studies, London School of Economics. Rebecca Sear 20 Aug 2010