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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons A Day in the Life of a Statistics Consultant Maria Christodoulou and Mariagrazia Zottoli share what a standard day is like for a statistics consultant. Maria Christodoulou, Mariagrazia Zottoli 31 Mar 2022
2 The Class: Connections and Disconnections in the Digital Age This talk by Prof. Sonia Livingstone, London School of Economics, reflects on a recent ethnographic study of a year 9 class – researched at school and at home over an academic year. Sonia Livingstone, Chris Davies 27 Jun 2014
3 Creative Commons 3.2 Responses to Hume's Famous Argument Part 3.2. Responses to and justifications of Hume's argument concerning the problem of induction. Peter Millican 08 Apr 2010
4 Creative Commons 3.1 Hume's Argument Concerning Induction Part 3.1. Briefly introduces the problem of induction: that is, the problem that it is difficult to justify claims to knowledge of the world through pure reason, i.e. without experience. Peter Millican 08 Apr 2010
5 Nietzsche on Soul in Nature This keynote speech examines if, according to Nietzsche, experience of nature is inevitably conditioned by some archetypal phantasm or cultural construction process or if unmediated apprehension of nature is possible. Graham Parkes 22 Dec 2009