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evidence based healthcare

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 How should we teach evidence-based medicine in the 21st century? Dr Gordon Guyatt provides a guest talk on how we should teach evidence-based medicine in the 21st century Gordon Guyatt 03 Oct 2022
2 Are we really advancing qualitative methods in health research? For many good reasons, semi-structured interviews, focus groups, thematic analysis, and realist tales have become key tools within the qualitative researcher's methodological toolkit. Cassandra Phoenix 08 Apr 2019
3 Creative Commons Why poor diagnostic reasoning is failing patients, the public and health systems Carl Heneghan asks the question, "What is driving the increase in diagnostic testing in healthcare?" and discusses why expectations, technology and the media are contributing to the problems of too much medicine and overdiagnosis. Carl Heneghan 06 Feb 2019
4 Research Behind... The Great Vape Debate A podcast about a song about vaping based on the latest evidence from research from Dr Jamie Hartmann-Boyce at the University of Oxford Jamie Hartmann-Boyce 09 Jan 2018
5 Professor Trish Greenhalgh Professor Trish Greenhalgh and Kamal R. Mahtani in conversation in the third episode of Trust The Evidence. Kamal R. Mahtani, Trish Greenhalgh 20 Apr 2017
6 Creative Commons Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter Professor Carl Heneghan, Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, speaks to Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter, Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at the University of Cambridge, about the importance of medical statistics. David Spiegelhalter, Carl Heneghan 28 Mar 2017
7 The point of qualitative research Prof Aksel Tjora, Professor of Sociology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, gives a talk for the MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care programme. Aksel Tjora 23 Jun 2016
8 Creative Commons 10 Top tips for doing applied healthcare research: How to get started Carl Heneghan gives a talk held on January 11th 2016 Kellogg College. Carl Heneghan 29 Jan 2016
9 Creative Commons MSc in EBHC: Introduction to the Practice of Evidence-Based Health Care Annette Pluddermann, Senior researcher DPCHS, gives an introduction to the Practice of Evidence-Based Health Care Annette Pluddermann 28 May 2013