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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Tal Shamur (Cambridge): The emergence of melancholic citizenship at the urban periphery: The case of south Tel Aviv protest against global migration Tal Shamur presents his work on the melancholic protest of Hatikva residents. Tal Shamur 19 Jan 2021
2 Buddhism and the Rise of ‘the Tibetans’ (bod pa): Religion, Myth and the Promotion of Ethnicity in the Pre-modern Period Apropos 'the Tibetans': Reinier Langelaar's talk focuses on the mythical origins and the promotion of ethnicity in historical Tibet Reinier Langelaar 05 Nov 2020
3 Heather Munro: Ashkenazi Hegemony in Haredi Israeli Society and Implications for the Future Heather Monro discusses the implications of Ashkenazi Hegemony in the Israeli Haredi society. Heather Munro 28 Jan 2020
4 Chineke! Championing Change and Celebrating Diversity in Classical Music Chineke! Founder Chi Chi Nwanoku OBE talks about her orchestra of majority BME musicians. Chi Chi Nwanoku OBE, Cayenna Ponchione-Bailey 20 Nov 2019
5 Creative Commons Avihu Shoshana - 'Nocturnal Inequality: Ethnographies of Social Selection and Waiting in Line for Night Clubs in Tel-Aviv' Avihu Shoshana (Haifa University) discusses findings from his ethnography of social selection in Israeli night-clubs. Avihu Shoshana 13 Nov 2019
6 The politics of distribution in Ethiopia's 'developmental state' ASC seminar by Tom Lavers Tom Lavers 16 Feb 2019
7 Creative Commons Identity beyond Borders: Ethnicity in the American Pacific Evan Matsuyama gives a short talk on Japanese mortality, identity, and ethnicity in the Nikkei struggle against mass incarceration during World War II. Evan Matsuyama 06 Jun 2018
8 Ethnicised Religion and Sacralised Ethnicity in the Past and the Present An expert panel discusses the phenomenon of ethnicisation of religious identifications focussing especially on the nexus of religious, ethnic and national identifications in colonial, anti-colonial and postcolonial settings from Ireland to South Asia. Elisabeth Bolorinos Allard, Faisal Devji, Peter Leary, Ilya Afanasyev 22 Feb 2018
9 Creative Commons Freelance journalist and Broadcaster, Henry Bonsu (Magdalen, 1986) Freelance journalist and broadcaster Henry Bonsu shares his experiences studying Modern Languages at Magdalen College and offers an insight into what it was like to be a black student at Oxford in the late eighties. Henry Bonsu 14 Jun 2016
10 Incorporating Ethnicity: Ethnodevelopment Policy in Latin America, 1985-2005 Professor Sarah Chartock discusses ethnodevelopment policies, illustrated with the cases of Peru, Ecuador and Guatemala. Sarah Chartock, Maya Tudor 01 Feb 2016
11 Still Brave? U.S Black Feminism as a Social Justice Project Professor Patricia Hill Collins talks on black feminism today in 'Still Brave? U.S Black Feminism as a Social Justice Project Patricia Hill Collins 22 Jun 2015
12 Creative Commons Oxpeace 2015: UN Peacebuilding and the pursuit of multi-Ethnicity in Kosovo Dana Landau gives a talk for Session A of the 2015 OxPeace conference; New directions in the study of peacebuilding. Dana Landau 16 Jun 2015
13 Comparative Literature, Britain and Empire Joep Leerssen on Anglo-Saxon and Celtic Philologists: Comparative Literature between National Ethnicity and Global Empire. Joep Leerssen, Ritchie Robertson 22 Oct 2013
14 Learning that emerges in 'Times of Trouble' In this Ethnicity and Identity Seminar, Professor Joy Hendry (Oxford Brooks University) presents a few cases from Japan. 2 March 2012. Joy Hendry 27 Jun 2012
15 Creative Commons The Politics of Ethnicity in Ethiopia: Actors, Power and Mobilisation under Ethnic Federalism Louise Aalen, Bergen University, gives a talk for the African Studies Seminar Series on 2nd February 2012. Louise Aalen 06 Feb 2012
16 Creative Commons The August 2011 Riots: A Political Act Dr Kathryn Nwajiaku-Dahou (Politics Department, Oxford) gives a talk for the Oxford Symposium on the August 2011 Riots. Kathryn Nwajiaku-Dahou 27 Jan 2012
17 Creative Commons The Issue of Contemporary Education Policies and their impact on black youth Professor Gus John gives a talk for the Oxford Symposium on the August Riots. Gus John 03 Jan 2012
18 Creative Commons What does migration mean for the 'white working class' in the UK? Podcast on what migration means for 'White Working Class' in the UK, Ben Rogaly and Becky Taylor present their research findings. Ben Rogaly, Becky Taylor 12 Sep 2011
19 Creative Commons Ethnicity, Power and Kinship. Female Chiefs in Tanzania, 1870-1940 Heide Schmidt, Professor of African Studies, University of Vienna, gives a talk for the African Studies Seminar series on 16th May, 2011. Heike Schmidt 23 May 2011
20 Creative Commons The Tragedie Of Othello, the Moore of Venice. ePub version of text THE TRAGEDIE OF Othello, the Moore of Venice. / Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616. William Shakespeare 18 Oct 2010
21 Creative Commons Othello First in Emma Smith's Approaching Shakespeare lecture series; looking at the central question of race and its significance in the play. Emma Smith 18 Oct 2010
22 People Losing Credit: Models and Innovation in Finance Dr Gillian Tett, Assistant Editor of the Financial Times gives a talk as part of the Ethnicity and Identity Seminar series on her experience of working for the Financial Times and how her background in Anthropology helps her in her journalistic work. Gillian Tett 18 Feb 2010