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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Endowment, Enterprise and Emendation: The History of Egyptology at Queen's Clare Lewis, UCL, gives a talk on endowment, enterprise and emendation and egyptology at Queen's College. With Richard Parkinson. Clare Lewis, Richard Parkinson 18 Feb 2019
2 The Stair of Glory: The Meet‐and‐Greet Gallery – a unique dramatic gallery at the Grand Egyptian Museum Mohamed Gamal Rashed, Curator, Museum Display and Research Director, The Grand Egyptian Museum, Giza, Egypt, gives a talk at the Understanding Egyptian Collections conference. Mohamed Gamal Rashed 17 Sep 2014
3 Seeing Mummy Portraits: preparation for display in 2011 and recent collaborative investigation Jevon Thistlewood, Paintings Conservator, Ashmolean Museum, gives a talk at the Understanding Egyptian Collections Jevon Thistlewood 17 Sep 2014
4 Raising the Dead: bringing design concepts to display Daniel Bone, Deputy Head of Conservation, Ashmolean museum, gives a talk at the Understanding Egyptian Collections conference. The co-author is Sue Barker, Preventative Conservator, Ashmolean Museum. Daniel Bone 17 Sep 2014
5 Vertically Challenging: the investigation and conservation of a deteriorated coffin for vertical display Bronwen Roberts, Conservator, British Museum, gives a talk at the Understanding Egyptian Collections. The Co-Author is Nicky Lobaton, Objects Conservator, Ashmolean Museum Bronwen Roberts 17 Sep 2014
6 The Redevelopment of the Ashmolean’s Egypt and Nubia Galleries – designing and building the new galleries Stuart Cade, Partner in Charge, Rick Mather Architects, gives a talk at the Understanding Egyptian Collections Stuart Cade 17 Sep 2014
7 The Queen Shrieks: The Shock of Ancient Egyptian Poetry The Inaugural lecture of Richard B. Parkinson as Professor of Egyptology, accompanied by actress and author Barbara Ewing, on the emotional power of the famous Ancient Egyptian poem "The Tale of Sinuhe" Richard Parkinson, Barbara Ewing 27 Jun 2014
8 Creative Commons One Connected Vision of Ancient Egypt: A launch of the digitised Topographical Bibliography Richard Parkinson, Professor of Egyptology, gives a talk about the new digital Topographical Bibliography from the Griffith Institute at Oxford. Richard Parkinson 23 Jun 2014
9 Creative Commons A Woman's place: The transformation of female power in first millennial BC Egypt A talk assessing the role of women in ancient Egypt - looking at the changes in female religious roles in ancient Egyptian society as a barometer for wider social, cultural and political transformation. Elizabeth Frood 28 Oct 2009
10 Howard Carter's excavation records of the tomb of Tutankhamun Dr Jaromir Malek, Keeper of the Archive at the Griffith Institute talks about the tomb of Tutankhamun; its discovery by Howard Carter and what the Griffith Institute are doing to study the tomb and the treasures inside it. Jaromir Malek 29 Apr 2009