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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 FMR 56 - Colombia: durable solutions for the forcibly displaced Colombia has a sophisticated body of law and a wealth of experience in the development of policies for the forcibly displaced. However, numerous obstacles stand in the way of attaining permanent solutions to displacement. Amaya Valcárcel, Vera Samudio 31 Oct 2017
2 FMR 56 - Colombia’s displaced indigenous women Indigenous peoples are one of the most vulnerable groups within Colombia’s internally displaced population, and a lack of understanding of their culture and needs constitutes a major challenge to their protection and assistance. Gina Escobar Cuero 31 Oct 2017
3 Creative Commons FMR 43 The displaced claiming their rights in fragile states To date, displaced persons in fragile and conflict-affected states have had little success in claiming their rights for housing, land and property violations. Creative legal thinking and strategic litigation has the potential to change this. Antonia Mulvey 09 Aug 2013
4 Creative Commons FMR 43 Displaced populations and their effects on regional stability A better understanding of state fragility, combined with improvements in policy and funding for displaced populations, is necessary to prevent the proliferation of further regional conflicts. Joe Landry 09 Aug 2013
5 Creative Commons FMR 38 How displaced communities use technology to access financial services As drought forces hundreds of thousands of Somalis to flee to Kenya and Ethiopia or to displaced camps within Somali territories, providing financial services might not seem an immediate priority. Abdirashid Duale 16 Apr 2013
6 Creative Commons FMR 36 The displaced also protest Displaced people in Colombia are resorting to mass demonstrations to persuade their government to assume its responsibilities towards them. Freddy A Guerrero, Estefanía Vanegas 09 Apr 2013