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criminal violence

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 'Killers' part 3 - Mental illness and violence Forensic psychiatry can help us understand the causes and best treatments for mentally disordered offenders inside and outside of the prison system Seena Fazel 23 Feb 2016
2 Creative Commons FMR 45 Mexicans seeking political asylum Banding together in response to a situation of this seriousness gives people strength and confidence, and provides emotional, social and – above all – legal and political support. Leticia Calderón Chelius 07 Apr 2014
3 Creative Commons FMR 45 Criminal violence and displacement in Mexico Rampant criminal violence, from direct coercion and physical threats to the erosion of the quality of life and livelihood opportunities, pushes people to move in a variety of ways. Sebastián Albuja 07 Apr 2014