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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 International Judicial Speech Acts Domestic and international judges speak separately from their courts' institutional voice in myriad ways. Neha Jain 21 Feb 2020
2 Book Launch of 'Courts in Conflict' Book launch of Dr. Nicola Palmer's book 'Courts in Conflict'. The Discussant: Jonny Steinberg. Nicola Palmer, Jonny Steinberg 06 Oct 2015
3 Factfinding Without Facts: The Uncertain Evidentiary Foundations of International Criminal Convictions Nancy Combs, Vice Dean and Professor of Law, Director of the Human Security Law Center, and Director of the Madrid Summer Law Program, William and Mary Law School gives a talk for the OTJR Seminar Series. Nancy Combs 26 Mar 2013
4 Creative Commons Are Courts Representative Bodies - a Canadian Perspective Robert J. Sharpe gives a talk for the FLJS seminar series. Robert J Sharpe 26 Oct 2012
5 Are Courts Representative Bodies? Judge Jed Rakoff gives a talk for the Freedom, Law, Justice and Society seminar series. Jed Rakoff 26 Oct 2012
6 The Role of Courts in a Democracy: Debate A panel of leading academics, judges, and policymakers debate the growing trend towards the judicialization of politics, in which judges are increasingly implicated in settling policy disputes, especially in the context of constitutional rights. Charles Clarke, Lord Justice Jacob, Richard Bellamy, Philip Sales 18 Apr 2011
7 Socio-Economic Rights in the South African Constitutional Court: Is the Honeymoon Over? Sandra Fredman gives a talk for the Oxford Transitional Justice Research 2010 seminar series followed by Sabine Michalowski giving her talk entitled 'Bringing Socio-Economic Factors into the Transitional Justice Debate'. Sandra Fredman, Sabine Michalowski 11 Mar 2010
8 If the Public Would be Outraged by Their Rulings, Should Judges Care? This Foundation for Law, Justice and Society Annual Lecture, delivered by Professor Cass Sunstein on 24 May 2007, questions the limits and legitimacy of judicial independence in the face of public opinion. Cass Sunstein 11 Aug 2008
9 Courts, Legislatures, Administrators, and the Making of Social Policy This lecture, delivered by Professor Martin Shapiro on 25 June 2006, opened the inaugural workshop of the Foundation's programme on 'Courts and the Making of Public Policy'. Martin Shapiro 11 Aug 2008