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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons You can't solve problems by breaking the net Every problem we experience will have some intersection with the Internet, and will invite the same solution we’ve gotten in the fights over obscenity and copyright infringement: can’t you just break the Internet a little, so that it fixes my problem? Cory Doctorow 17 Jan 2014
2 Creative Commons 22.Copyright and Reuse: publishing and using open content. Cultural Connections workshop, looking at practical examples of open content publication and reuse. Rowan Wilson 07 Aug 2013
3 Creative Commons Copyright in the Digital Age Emily Goodhand is the Copyright and Compliance Officer at the University of Reading. She has a strong Twitter presence as @copyrightgirl and is Vice-Chairman of the Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance (LACA). Emily Goodhand 26 Nov 2012
4 Creative Commons Copyrights and Copywrongs: Protection of News Copyright in the Digital World Robert Picard, Professor of Media Economics, Jonkoping University and Director of Research, RISJ, Oxford, gives a talk for the Reuters Institute seminar series. Robert Picard 13 Jun 2011
5 Peer to Peer and the Music Industry: The Criminalization of Sharing Examining technical, legal and cultural strategies by the recording industry to persuade people that file-sharing is impossible, immoral, un-cool or dangerous, and the failure of these strategies. Alternative business models are discussed. Matthew David 08 Mar 2010