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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Simulating physics beyond computer power In this talk Alessio Lerose discusses the seminal idea of simulating Nature via a controllable quantum system rather than a classical computer. He discusses recent advances that brought us closer to the ultimate goal of a universal quantum simulator. Alessio Lerose 15 Mar 2024
2 Strachey Lecture: Doing for our robots what evolution did for us Professor Leslie Kaelbling (MIT) gives the 2019 Stachey lecture. The Strachey Lectures are generously supported by OxFORD Asset Management. Leslie Kaelbling 29 Mar 2019
3 How computers have changed the way we do physics - Chaos and climate change The power of available computers has now grown exponentially for many decades. The ability to discover numerically the implications of equations and models has opened our eyes to previously hidden aspects of physics. Myles Allen 11 Feb 2016
4 Creative Commons ENIAC versus Colossus and the early presentation of electronic computers A description of the concurrent yet different development of electronic computers during WWII in the UK and US– most notably the secrecy of the UK development compared to the widely known work in the US and the consequent effects on the computing industry Paul Atkinson 28 Sep 2014
5 Creative Commons Can Machines Think? Can machines think? How can we test computers for intelligence? Edward Grefenstette delivers a lively presentation about artificial intelligence. Edward Grefenstette 17 Dec 2013
6 Next Generation Internet Users: Digital Divides, Choices, and Inequalities Grant Blank summarises his lecture on how a new pattern of Internet access is developing through the use of a growing variety of devices than enable increasing mobility: these people are "Next Generation Internet Users". Grant Blank 28 Feb 2012
7 Why Should Robots Play Football? Dr Stephen Cameron (Department of Computer Science) explains why thousands of people from across the world are busy trying to teach robots to play football. Stephen Cameron 03 Feb 2012