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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons OxPeace 2022 Session 2: Part 2 Andrei Gomez-Suarez presents "Multilevel Infrastructures for Peace: The Case of Colombia." Andrei Gomez-Suarez 10 Jun 2022
2 FMR 62 - Mini-feature - Resilience spaces: rethinking protection Collaborative approaches to building capacities of urban IDPs and host communities are emerging as a more effective way of confronting the root causes of protracted and secondary displacement in informal settlements in Colombia. Pablo Cortés Ferrández 14 Oct 2019
3 OxPeace 2018: Private Sector and Peacebuilding: Lessons from Colombia Andres Ucros presents his talk on ‘Private Sector and Peacebuilding: Lessons from Colombia’ at the 2018 Oxpeace Conference. Andres Ucros 16 Nov 2018
4 Victims’ Narratives in the Colombian Peace Process This paper analyses how victims’ voices were heard during the peace negotiations and in the implementation of the 2016 peace accord between the FARC guerrilla and the Colombian government. Annelen Micus 03 Sep 2018
5 OxPeace 2017: Devolving Power to Citizens: A Path to Positive Peace in Colombia? Discussion on whether offline and online participatory budgeting processes could foster positive peace in Colombia and, if so, under what circumstances. Diana Dajer 12 Jun 2017
6 OxPeace 2017: ‘Peace doesn’t exist’: Marginalised youths’ disengagement from Colombia’s peace process threatens the achievement of a lasting peace Young participants from a conflict-affected town express their ideas about peace, which contrast starkly with the country’s dominant optimism. Elena Butti 12 Jun 2017
7 OxPeace 2017: Chocolate, Politics and Peace-Building: An Ethnography of the Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado On peace-building in The Peace Community of San Joseì de Apartadó Gwen Burnyeat 12 Jun 2017
8 FMR 53 - Networks and 'the right to the city' in Medellin, Colombia Collective action by displaced people in Medellin has been both diverse and strategic. Jonathan Alejandro Murcia, James Gilberto Granada Vahos 12 Oct 2016
9 Business and Human Rights in Transition from Conflict to Peace A panel discussion among an academic, a company representative and practitioners, held on 21 June 2016, hosted by the Oxford Business and Human Rights Research Network and the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre. Sabine Michalowski, Irene Pietropaoli, Jo Zaremba, Yves Nissim 08 Jul 2016
10 Creative Commons FMR 48 - Guided by humanitarian principles Caritas Luxembourg’s work with refugees, IDPs and migrants in Colombia, Lebanon and Luxembourg offers some examples of the ways in which a faith-based organisation may be advantaged or disadvantaged by its faith basis. Andreas Vogt, Sophie Colsell 04 Jun 2015
11 Colombia: Peace and history Malcolm Deas, University Lecturer in the Politics and Government of Latin America, University of Oxford and Fellow, St Antony’s College, Oxford (from 1966 to 2008). Gives a talk on Colombia: Peace and History. Malcolm Deas 19 Mar 2015
12 Creative Commons FMR 45 Rising waters, displaced lives Although Pakistan and Colombia have relatively advanced disaster management frameworks, they were unprepared and ill-equipped to assist and protect people displaced by recent floods. Lindsey Brickle, Alice Thomas 07 Apr 2014
13 THEMIS: Does migration from Colombia to the United Kingdom constitute a migration system? Exploring the role of migrant agency and structural factors Anastasia Bermudez presents her paper 'Does migration from Colombia to the UK constitute a migration system?' in Parallel session III(C) of the conference Examining Migration Dynamics: Networks and Beyond, 24-26 Sept 2013 Anastasia Bermudez 20 Jan 2014
14 Creative Commons FMR 43 Networked governance in Ecuador's border regions In order to improve security for both Colombian forced migrants and Ecuadorians, an approach that takes advantage of governance networks can allow residents to negotiate access to resources and rights that they otherwise would not be able to enjoy. Lana Balyk, Jeff Pugh 09 Aug 2013
15 Launch of Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network: Mr Bruce Mac Master Ministers and distinguished high-level representatives from around twenty countries formally launched a new Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network in Oxford on 6 June. Mr Bruce Mac Master, Colombia. Bruce Mac Master 10 Jul 2013
16 Creative Commons FMR 41 Property restitution in Colombia The Colombian government has established a legal framework to prevent further displacement. The rebuilding of community relationships and institutional trust are central to the success of this approach. Eduardo Medina 08 May 2013
17 Creative Commons FMR 41 The role of women defenders of human rights in Colombia Women in Colombia are increasingly being attacked because of their efforts to defend human rights and to bring an end to the conflict and displacement in their country. Juanita Candamil, Claudia María Mejía Duque 08 May 2013
18 Creative Commons FMR 38 From the local community in Colombia into cyberspace From the local community in Colombia into cyberspace. Juan David Gómez-Quintero 08 May 2013
19 Creative Commons FMR 36 The displaced also protest Displaced people in Colombia are resorting to mass demonstrations to persuade their government to assume its responsibilities towards them. Freddy A Guerrero, Estefanía Vanegas 09 Apr 2013
20 Annual Harrell-Bond Lecture 2009 : Beyond Blankets: in search of political deals and durable solutions for the displaced This podcast was recorded at the Refugee Studies Centre's Annual Harrell-Bond Lecture which was on Wednesday 18th November 2009 at the Museum of Natural History, University of Oxford. Jan Egeland 27 Nov 2009