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civil-military relations

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Russian Perceptions of Conflict with Discussion of War in Ukraine Mark Galeotti discusses Russian perceptions of war and conflict. The differences between what is considered "war" vs "conflict" and how this changes between the military and civilian security establishments. In addition, the war in Ukraine is discussed. Mark Galeotti 16 Mar 2022
2 CCW 2021 Annual Lecture: British Defence Policy: Reviews and Redirections In light of the Integrated Review this year, what other military reviews have there been and what was their impact? Peter Watkins (former Director General in the UK MoD) looks back at previous military reviews and discusses continuing themes. Peter Watkins 07 Dec 2021
3 Creative Commons Enemy Within: Underlying Flaws in Policy-Making on Afghanistan Matt Waldman considers what went wrong in policy-making on Afghanistan Matt Waldman 01 Apr 2014
4 Creative Commons Generals, Politicians and Mandarins: the Malfunctioning Political-Military Relationship in Britain Drawing on his 2013 report, James de Waal discusses civil-military relations in Britain following the conflicts in recent years and considers what lessons could be learnt. James de Waal 01 Apr 2014