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citizen science

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Open Data: The Golden Age of Discovery This documentary follows the experiences of a number of academics and researchers at Oxford as they discuss the implications of Open Data for their research, for academia and for humanity. Chris Lintott, Ben Goldacre 15 Jul 2015
2 Creative Commons What is Openness? ‘Openness’ is a far-reaching concept--find out what it is about and why it is becoming increasingly important to academics, researchers, students and the general public! Marianne Talbot, Simon Benjamin 06 Jul 2015
3 The Seven Wonders of Galaxy Zoo Becky Smethurst shows how citizen science and the Galaxy Zoo project is helping researchers tackle difficult scientific questions. Becky Smethurst 13 Mar 2015
4 Where next for citizen science? Innovative uses for crowd sourcing Dr Chris Lintott and Dr Brooke Simmons give a seminar as part of the Oxford Martin School Hilary Term seminar series: Blurring the lines: the changing dynamics between man and machine. Chris Lintott, Brooke Simmons 24 Feb 2015
5 Creative Commons Uncovering Black Holes and Hunting for Planets Dr Brooke Simmons talks about Black Holes and planet hunting. Brooke Simmons 16 Apr 2013
6 Zooniverse: what to do with half a million scientists? Dr Chris Lintott and Dr Rob Simpson explain using 'citizen power' to expand our knowledge of the Universe. Chris Lintott, Rob Simpson 14 Nov 2012
7 Creative Commons Why do we need 'citizen science'? Harnessing the general public to help analyse complex data sets is not only helping scientists with galaxy classification. Pedro Ferreira 20 Aug 2012
8 Creative Commons Beyond 2011 - A Cautionary Tale Arfon Smith (University of Oxford) presents the experience of the Zooniverse team with their citizen science and crowdsourcing efforts and the changing role of the citizen scientist. Arfon Smith 26 May 2011
9 Creative Commons Galaxy Zoo - The Rise and Rise of Citizen Science Chris Lintott from the Department of Astrophysics gives a talk on the increasing significant contributions members of the public are making to scientific research through websites such as Galaxy Zoo. Chris Lintott 27 Jan 2010