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British empire

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Jeko Khere So Khaye (He who tills has the right to eat); 'development' and the politics of agrarian reform in late 1940s and early 1950s in Sindh Sarah Ansari (Royal Holloway) gives a talk for the Asian Studies Centre seminar series. Sarah Ansari 26 Nov 2020
2 Marconi lecture 2018: Imperial Wave: how empire shaped the network of wireless in South Asia at the turn of the twentieth century Dr Medha Saxena (Delhi, and Byrne Bussey Marconi Fellow), gives the 2018 annual Marconi lecture. Medha Saxena 03 Dec 2018
3 Creative Commons Harem Histories and Princely Politics: Tipu Sultan, the Family and East India Company Rule Margot Finn speaks at the South Asia Seminar on 24 April 2018. Margot Finn 21 Jun 2018
4 Creative Commons India Conquered and Unconquered: The Chaos of Empire and the End of British power in India Jon Wilson speaks at the South Asia Seminar on 16 May 2017 Jon Wilson 27 Mar 2018
5 Creative Commons Scribes, Paper and the Formation of the Colonial State in North India, 1780-1840 Hayden J. Bellenoit speaks at the South Asia Seminar on 23 May 2017 Hayden J. Bellenoit 27 Mar 2018
6 Creative Commons An Eminent Victorian: Gandhi and the Crisis of Liberal Democracy in the 19th Century Dilip M. Menon speaks at the South Asia Seminar on 25 April 2017 Dilip M. Menon 27 Mar 2018
7 Creative Commons An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India Shashi Tharoor speaks at St Antony's College on 1 March 2017 Shashi Tharoor 27 Mar 2018
8 Creative Commons Britain's Anglo-Indians: The Invisibility of Assimilation Rochelle Almeida speaks at the South Asia Seminar on 24 January 2017. Rochelle Almeida 05 Feb 2018
9 Creative Commons Historian and trip scholar for Spectacular Ceylon, Dr Maria Misra (Christ Church, 1982) Dr Maria Misra shares her experiences as both a student and academic at Oxford University, as well as her love of South Asia, in this podcast. Maria Misra 26 Oct 2015
10 Creative Commons Pax Canadiana: Canada, the Commonwealth, and the End of Empire Dr McKercher is Royal Bank of Canada Visiting Scholar at the Bodleian Library. His research explores Canadian reactions to the demise of the British imperial order, looking at Canadian foreign relations beyond the North Atlantic. Asa McKercher, Richard Ovenden, Margaret MacMillan 13 Jun 2014
11 Under Eastern Eyes: The Raj in Modern Indian Memory Dr. Misra, Lecturer in Modern History at Oxford University and a Fellow of Keble College, gives a talk on The Raj in Modern Indian Memory. Maria Misra 28 Feb 2014
12 Creative Commons The Indian Sepoy in the First World War The role of India and the Indian Sepoy in the First World War. Santanu Das 29 Oct 2012
13 Creative Commons Kipling, the Elton John of his age? Professor Elleke Boehmer discusses why Kipling's writing, and his poetry of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in particular, launched him to international fame across the British Empire. Elleke Boehmer, Dominic Davies 08 Oct 2012
14 Empire and Globalisation: A Cultural Economy of the British World, 1850 to 1914 - Oxford Transnational and Global History Seminar Andrew Thompson, Prfoessor of Modern History, University of Exeter, gives a talk for the Oxford Transnational and Global History Seminar series. Andrew Thompson 09 Jul 2012
15 Creative Commons The Irish Soldier in India, 1857-1922: The Formation and Negotiation of Stereotypes and Identities - Oxford Transnational and Global History Seminar Alexander Bubb, DPhil Candidate, English Faculty, Oxford, gives a talk for The Oxford Transnational and Global History Seminar series. Alexander Bubb 02 Feb 2012
16 Creative Commons 'Migrants and the Marginalised in the Colonial and Post-Colonial British World' Professor Stephen Constantine (Lancaster University) presents research on migration within the British world and the effects it has on the marginalisation of different social groups. Stephen Constantine 31 Jan 2011