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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 We Rise (Together): Taking and Making Space for BIPOC Book Arts Creatives, Cultures, and Histories Tia Blassingame introduced her work leading the Book/Print Artist/Scholar of Color Collective (aka Book/Print Collective) and shared methods for supporting and empowering BIPOC book and print artists Tia Blassingame 13 Feb 2024
2 Agrippa Symposium, closing remarks Closing remarks of the symposium and Q&A Jason Scott-Warren 22 Jan 2024
3 Book studies and book-arts In this session, speakers Gill Partington and Russell Maret share their perspectives on the relationship between book studies and book-arts Gill Partington, Russell Maret, Adam Smyth 22 Jan 2024
4 The Transmission event of Agrippa, 9 December 1992 In this session we hear about the original ‘Transmission’ event of Agrippa Lauren Amazeen, Chris Fletcher, John Maxwell Hobbs, Justine Provino 22 Jan 2024
5 Agrippa Scholars Roundtable In this session, scholars discuss their involvement with and research into Agrippa Caroline Bassett, Quinn DuPont, Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, Alan Liu 22 Jan 2024
6 Hybrid book tour of Agrippa In this session, librarians and archivists from a wide range of international public institutions share their copies of Agrippa Ivy Blackman, Douglas Dodds, Chris Fletcher, Elizabeth James 22 Jan 2024
7 Book talk: 'Butler to the world: how Britain became the servant of tycoons, tax dodgers, kleptocrats and criminals' In this event chaired by Ricardo Soares de Oliveira, Oliver Bullough discusses his best selling and critically acclaimed book, 'Butler to the World: How Britain Became the Servant of Tycoons, Tax Dodgers, Kleptocrats and Criminals'. Oliver Bullough, Ricardo Soares de Oliveira 07 Dec 2022
8 Creative Commons All Necessary Measures? The United Nations and International Intervention in Libya Ian Martin presents his latest book on Libya: All Necessary Measures? The United Nations and International Intervention in Libya. Ian Martin 29 Nov 2022
9 Scottish and British Authors Published Abroad 1470-1700 Jane Stevenson, Senior research Fellow, Campion Hall, Oxford, gives a talk fo the History of the Book seminar series on 1st February 2019. Jane Stevenson 06 Feb 2019
10 InHabit: People, Places and Possessions Book at Lunchtime Seminar held on May 3rd 2017. Antony Buxton, Linda Hulin, Jane Anderson, Cathy Oakes 10 May 2017
11 The Prospect of Global History How can global history can be applied instead of advocated? James Belich, Elleke Boehmer, Richard Drayton, Hannah-Louise Clark 27 Jul 2016
12 Engraved Throughout: Pine's Horace (1733) as a Bibliographical Object Professor Michael Suarez gives the first Lyell Lecture of 2015. Michael Suarez 08 May 2015
13 Once and Future Arthurs - Arthurian Literature for Children Anna Caughey gives a lecture at the Bodleian Library looking at the varying spectrum of literature about King Arthur written for children. Anna Caughey 06 Jun 2013
14 Creative Commons George Eliot 3. Reception History In this third and final podcast, Dr Catherine Brown discusses the popularity of George Eliot's work in the Victorian period, which led to her status as a sage and the steady accumulation of her wealth. Catherine Brown 05 Dec 2011
15 Creative Commons Conclusion to Crossing Borders The conclusion to the Crossing Borders exhibition. The exhibition tells the story of how Jews, Christians and Muslims have contributed to the development of the book. Piet van Boxel 10 May 2010
16 Creative Commons Sciences Piet looks at how the works of famous ancient thinkers such as Aristotle, Hippocrates, Euclid or Ptolemy traveled from culture to culture and formed the basis of Muslim, Christian and Jewish science and philosophy alike. Piet van Boxel 10 May 2010
17 Creative Commons User-produced Hebrew Prayer Books and Shared Iconography Some Hebrew manuscripts were produced in Christian workshops, others were made by Jewish artists themselves for their own use. Piet looks at examples of these and explores the shared iconography between Christian and Jewish faiths, such as the unicorn. Piet van Boxel 10 May 2010
18 Creative Commons Hebrew Prayer Books for Public Use Piet looks at the three great Bodleian mahzorim (large and elaborately decorated prayer books for the festivals), which were illuminated by Christian painters in collaboration with and under the supervision of Jewish scribes. Piet van Boxel 10 May 2010
19 Creative Commons Arabic Art Forms in Spanish Book Production Piet explains Arabic design and illustration in Spanish books, looking in particular at the Kennicott Bible, produced in La Coruna, Spain, in 1476. Piet van Boxel 10 May 2010
20 Creative Commons From Roll to Codex Piet explains codices, the oldest manuscripts in book form, looking in particular at a fragment of the Hebrew text of the book of Ecclesiasticus (ch. 40) from the Cairo Genizah, and the four Gospels in Syriac. Piet van Boxel 06 May 2010
21 Creative Commons Introduction to Crossing Borders An introduction to the Crossing Borders exhibition. The exhibition tells the story of how Jews, Christians and Muslims have contributed to the development of the book. Piet van Boxel 06 May 2010