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birth control

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons A History of the IUD in Japan: Birth control policy and Cold War diplomacy Dr Aya Homei, Manchester University, gives a talk for the Nissan Institute podcast series. Aya Homei 10 Mar 2016
2 Creative Commons 11. Does Government belong in the bedroom? There are many examples, from the ancient world to Nazi Germany, of attempts to protect or to increase the birth rate and hence population size. Slides to accompany Prof David Coleman's talk on birth control from governments. David Coleman 18 Jul 2012
3 Creative Commons 09. Bringing down the birth rate - family planning in the developing world Traditionally, high birth rates were high. But as they were balanced by high death rates, population growth rates were usually very low. Prof David Coleman looks at family planning in the developing world. David Coleman 12 Jul 2012