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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons 6.4 Making Sense of Perception Part 6.4. A brief overview of contemporary accounts of perception; including phenomenalism (that objects are logical constructions from sense data) and direct realism (that we perceive objects and the external world directly). Peter Millican 30 Nov 2010
2 Creative Commons 6.3 Abstraction and Idealism Part 6.3. Criticisms of the resemblance theory of perception and an introduction to idealism - that perceptions of the external world are all within the mind as ideas. Peter Millican 30 Nov 2010
3 Creative Commons 6.2 Problems with Resemblance Part 6.2. Explores Berkeley's and Locke's arguments concerning the resemblance of qualities and objects; that the perceived qualities of objects exist only in the mind or whether secondary qualities are intrinsically part of the object. Peter Millican 30 Nov 2010
4 Creative Commons 6.1 Introduction to Primary and Secondary Qualities Part 6.1. Introduces the problem of perception (and the distinction between the world and what we perceive), along with the concepts of primary and secondary qualities. Peter Millican 30 Nov 2010
5 Creative Commons 2.5 Nicolas Malebranche and George Berkeley Part 2.5. Focuses on Malebranche, a lesser-known French Philosopher, and his ideas on idealism and the influence they had on English philosopher George Berkeley. Peter Millican 16 Mar 2010