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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 A primer on PAC-Bayesian learning *followed by* News from the PAC-Bayes frontline Benjamin Guedj, University College London, gives a OxCSML Seminar on 26th March 2021. Benjamin Guedj 28 May 2021
2 MCMC for Hierachical Bayesian Models Using Non-reversible Langevin Methods Radford M. Neal (University of Toronto), gives a talk for the department of Statistics. Radford M Neal 10 Jun 2020
3 Strachey Lecture - Probabilistic machine learning: foundations and frontiers Professor Zoubin Ghahramani gives a talk on probabilistic modelling from it's foundations to current areas of research at the frontiers of machine learning. Zoubin Ghahramani 15 Mar 2017
4 New Statistics and Prediction In the first part of their discussion, Joe Silk and John Peacock compare approaches to statistics and how these bear on predictions in cosmology, including Weinberg’s prediction of the cosmological constant. John Peacock, Joe Silk 13 Jul 2016
5 New Approaches to Probability In the second part of their discussion, Luke Barnes and David Sloan go over the difference between frequentist and bayesian statistics, and how this difference applies to astrophysics and cosmology. Luke Barnes, David Sloan 13 Jul 2016
6 Creative Commons Deliberation welcomes prediction Alan Hájek (Australian National University) gives a talk for the New Insights seminar series on 21st May 2015. Alan Hájek 24 Jul 2015