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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Axion Searches from Black Holes to the Basement Professor John March-Russell talks about the search possibilities for axions including many current and near future ultra-precise quantum `table top' experiments in the Beecroft basement. John March-Russell 01 Dec 2022
2 The Axion: How Angles Become Particles Professor Joseph Conlon introduces the general idea of axions: particles associated to fields which are valued on a circle rather than a real line. Joseph Conlon 01 Dec 2022
3 Creative Commons The Higgs Boson and Particle Physics at the LHC: a Progress Report and Plans for the Future Physics Colloquium 13th February 2015 Deliverd by Daniela Bortoletto Daniela Bortoletto 16 Mar 2015
4 Black Holes, Axions and the Gravitational Atom in the Sky Physics Colloquium 5th December 2014 delivered by Dr Asimina Arvanitak Asimina Arvanitak 17 Dec 2014