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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Making Cultures Count: Following the Mayi Kuwayu National Study of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Wellbeing A UBVO seminar presented by Sarah Bourke (National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, The Australian National University) on 24 January 2019 Sarah Bourke 31 Mar 2021
2 Episode 3 - People like me: Speculation in Pakistan Sami Shah ranges over his radio, comedy and burgeoning literary career, and describes how he has to write himself into the speculative fiction space. Sami Shah, Chelsea Haith, Louis Greenberg 23 Oct 2020
3 Making Cultures Count: Following the Mayi Kuwayu National Study of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Wellbeing Sarah Bourke (a DPhil student in Anthropology, Oxford) presented this UBVO seminar on 1 February 2019 Sarah Bourke 01 Jul 2019
4 An interview with Professor Meg Warin on 'the Australian Senate Inquiry into Obesity' An interview for UBVO with Professor Meg Warin, University of Adelaide, 8 October 2018 Meg Warin 12 Feb 2019
5 FMR 53 General - Refugee women as entrepreneurs in Australia The 'Stepping Stones to Small Business' programme in Australia is appreciated by participants but has shown that 'entrepreneurship' is a problematic concept in the context of women from refugee backgrounds. John van Kooy 11 Oct 2016
6 FMR 51 - Europe, don’t copy Australia Praise for Australia’s policy of turning away asylum seekers is misguided. Keeya-Lee Ayre 19 Dec 2015
7 Creative Commons FMR 48 - Christian civil disobedience and indefinite, mandatory immigration detention in Australia A new movement of Christian activists in Australia is using radical direct action to challenge their country’s policy of mandatory detention of asylum seeker children. Marcus Campbell 04 Jun 2015
8 Rise of the Machines Hugh Durrant-Whyte, Professor and ARC Federation Fellow at the University of Sydney, gives the 41st Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture. Hugh Durrant-Whyte 26 May 2015
9 Creative Commons RSC 2014 Conference: Refugee Voices: Panel 14 – Detention and deportation RSC 2014 Conference: Refugee Voices. Lectures by Louise Newman; Julian Caruana and Alexia Rossi; Devorah Wainer; and Mollie Gerver. Recorded on 25 March 2014 at St Anne's College, University of Oxford. Louise Newman, Julian Caruana, Alexia Rossi, Devorah Wainer 19 May 2014
10 Creative Commons Excision, Exclusion and Exile: Australia's Refugee Policy and Responsibility Shifting in the Asia-Pacific Dr Michelle Foster, Melbourne Law School Michelle Foster 16 May 2014
11 Creative Commons 'Native Life', or, Being outside the carbon imagery Professor Elizabeth Povinelli of Columbia University examines contemporary scientific discussions of the Anthropocene and climate change and theoretical theories of New Vitalism, New Animism and Relational Ontology Elizabeth Povinelli 29 Apr 2014
12 Creative Commons Regional engagement and effective protection: the Australian way Public Seminar Series, Michaelmas term 2013. Seminar by Professor Susan Kneebone (University of Oxford) recorded on 30 October 2013 at the Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford. Susan Kneebone 01 Nov 2013
13 Creative Commons FMR 44 Community detention in Australia: a more humane way forward A group of Australian advocates lobbied successfully for the implementation of community detention as a viable, humane alternative, giving asylum seekers an opportunity to engage in a more meaningful existence. Catherine Marshall, Suma Pillai, Louise Stack 03 Oct 2013
14 Creative Commons FMR 44 A return to the Pacific Solution Over the last 50 years, Australian governments have introduced a range of measures that seek to deter asylum seekers. Current practice sees asylum seekers once again detained in offshore detention in neighbouring countries. Fiona McKay 03 Oct 2013
15 Creative Commons FMR 44 Voices from inside Australia's detention centres At the heart of the asylum debate in Australia there is little sense of the individual in question. People who had previously been asylum seekers in immigration detention express in their own words the impact that detention had on them. Melissa Phillips 25 Sep 2013
16 Memory in the Aftermath of War: Australian Responses to the Vietnamese Refugee Crisis of 1975-76 Dr. Nathalie Nguyen, Associate Professor of Historical and Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne, gives the first Oxford Transisiional Justice Research Seminar 2011 Trinity term on 3rd May 2011. Nathalie Nguyen 18 May 2011
17 Australia: A Continuing Genocide? Director for the Centre for International Human Rights Dr Damien Short gives a talk for the 2011 Hilary term Oxford Transitional Justice Research Seminar Series. Damien Short 08 Feb 2011