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Asian Studies

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Pan-Nationalist Notions of Rights, Indian Khilafat Movement and the Treaty of Lausanne (1923) Talk by Cemil Aydin from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Cemil Aydin 22 Sep 2022
2 Theft of Time: Notes on Spolia and the Writing of Indian History Sudipta Sen (University of California, Davis) speaks at the Oxford South Asian Intellectual History Seminar on 26 April 2021. Sudipta Sen 23 Jun 2021
3 A Historian among the Goddesses of Modern India Sumathi Ramaswamy (Duke University) speaks at the Oxford South Asian Intellectual History Seminar on 31 May 2021. Sumathi Ramaswamy 17 Jun 2021
4 "वासाड गावाचा धनगर राजा": Ecological Refugees in Ancestral Grass-scape (Historical life space and changing socio-economic dynamics) Saili Palande-Datar gives the fourth and final presentation on the second day of the Maharashtra Studies Conference. Saili Palande-Datar 28 Apr 2021
5 Chand Bibi between Persianate cosmopolitanism and regional particularism Roy Fischel gives the first presentation for the first day of the Maharashtra Studies Conference. Roy Fischel 01 Apr 2021
6 The Fate of Pakistan - three ways in which things could really go wrong, and reasons for hope they may not The 2018 Sarfraz Pakistan Lecture was delivered by nuclear physicist Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy on October 18th at Wolfson College, Oxford. The lecture was introduced by College President Sir Tim Hitchens. Pervez Hoodbhoy 06 Dec 2018
7 The Greece of the East: Writing the History of Music in Meiji Japan A talk from Dr Jonathan Service, Wadham College, Oxford, at the Nissan Institute. Jonathan Service 22 Jun 2015
8 Japan's New Security Cooperation in Counter-Piracy Missions A talk by Professor Wilhelm Vosse, International Christian University, at the Nissan Institute. Wilhelm Vosse 22 Jun 2015
9 Engineering the Empire: "Comprehensive Development" in Japan's Colonial Borderlands Professor Aaron S. Moore, Arizona State University gives a talk at the Nissan Institute. Aaron S. Moore 22 Jun 2015