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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Teaching the Codex 22: 2019 Summary Philip Booth (Oxford) gives closing remarks at the 2019 Teaching the Codex colloquium. Philip Booth 16 Dec 2019
2 Teaching the Codex 2019 18: Armenian Palaeography David Zakarian (Oxford) speaks at the 2019 Teaching the Codex colloquium about colophons in Armenian manuscripts. David Zakarian 16 Dec 2019
3 Teaching the Codex 2019 17: Armenian Palaeography 1 Robin Meyer (Oxford) speaks at the 2019 Teaching the Codex colloquium about Armenian palaeography. Robin Meyer 16 Dec 2019
4 Ethnicity and Politics in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire: The Kurdish Case Dr. Djene Bajalan talks as part of the Language and Community from the Armenian to Iranian Plateaux series Djene Bajalan 26 Jan 2016
5 Ilya Afanasyev and Nicholas S. M. Matheou Introduction Opening remarks from Ilya Afanasyev and Nicholas S M Matheou Ilya Afanasyev, Nicholas S M Matheou 26 Jan 2016