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18th century

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 The Poetics of Text Reuse The Poetics of Text Reuse: Digital Intertextuality in the Eighteenth-century Archive Glenn Roe 10 May 2024
2 Creative Commons Carolyn Eastman on Yellow Fever in New York Dr Carolyn Eastman (VCU) and Dr Erica Charters discuss how epidemics of yellow fever ended in 1790s New York, and the multiple ends of an epidemic for different parts of a society. Carolyn Eastman, Erica Charters 15 Mar 2022
3 Research behind... Understanding Misunderstanding A podcast about a song about the parallels of fake news today and satire in the 18th Century based on research by Prof Abigail Williams at the University of Oxford Abigail Williams 09 Jan 2018
4 Naming Names: Underwriting Patronage in Tonson's Caesar (1712) Professor Michael Suarez, in the Lyell Lectures 2015, locates the visual sources of a famous illustrated edition of Caesar's works and comments on the social and political significance of the subscription plate book. Michael Suarez 18 May 2015
5 Singular Multiples: Comprehending the General Evening Post (1754-86) Professor Michael Suarez continues the Lyell Lectures 2015, showing that archival evidence is necessary to understand the history of newspapers Michael Suarez 18 May 2015
6 Proliferating Images: Diagrams of the Slave Ship Brookes (1789) Professor Michael Suarez traces the transatlantic journey of a famous image deployed against the slave trade. Michael Suarez 18 May 2015
7 ‘True Enlightenment can be both achieved and beneficial.’ The German Enlightenment and its Interpretation Professor Joachim Whaley, Professor of German History and Thought, Cambridge, gives the 2014 Besterman Lecture, hosted by The Besterman Centre for the Enlightenment and the TORCH Enlightenment Programme. Joachim Whaley, Richie Robertson 20 Nov 2014
8 Creative Commons Self-publishing in 18th-century Paris and London Marie-Claude Felton, Royal Bank of Canada-Bodleian Visiting Scholar, gives a talk for the Bodleian Library BODcasts series Marie-Claude Felton 05 Jun 2014
9 Creative Commons Godwin and his historical context A discussion of the historical period in which William Godwin was writing and the social and political pressures that he was working under at the time. Mark Philp, David O’Shaughnessy, Ellen Sandford O'Neill 22 Nov 2012
10 Creative Commons Godwin and his friends A discussion about the social aspects of the life of the writer William Godwin- how he interacted with his friends and how he was seen by his peers. Mark Philp, David O’Shaughnessy, Ellen Sandford O'Neill 22 Nov 2012
11 Creative Commons Introduction to William Godwin The first part in this series gives a biography of the writer William Godwin, exploring his background and the key points from his life. Mark Philp, David O’Shaughnessy, Ellen Sandford O'Neill 22 Nov 2012