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July 2023 Joanna Streck

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Duration: 0:20:13 | Added: 26 Jul 2023
Jamie Hartmann-Boyce and Nicola Lindson discuss emerging evidence in e-cigarette research and interview Assistant Professor Joanna Streck from Massachusetts General Hospital, USA.

Associate Professor Jamie Hartmann-Boyce and Dr Nicola Lindson discuss the new evidence in e-cigarette research and interview Assistant Professor of Psychology, Joanna Streck, from the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital in the US. Joanna Streck talks about her new study looking at the feasibility, acceptability and preliminary effects of switching from combustible cigarettes to e-cigarettes in individuals in treatment for opioid use disorder. The trial name is: Switching Individuals in Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder Who Smoke Cigarettes to the Standardized Research E-Cigarette (SREC).
The goal of this study is to conduct a pilot randomized waitlist-controlled trial to assess the feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary effects of substituting the National Institute for Drug Abuse standardized research e-cigarette (SREC) for combustible cigarettes in people who use medications for opioid disorder and combustible cigarettes who are not ready to quit smoking. A waitlist controlled randomised controlled trial of 40 participants will investigate the impact of SREC provision on: tobacco use behaviour; biomarkers (e.g., carbon monoxide); cigarette dependence and withdrawal; and short-term health effects and tolerability.
This podcast is a companion to the electronic cigarettes Cochrane living systematic review and shares the evidence from the monthly searches.

For more information on the study see: https://clinicaltrials.gov/show/NCT05881304

Our literature search carried out July 1st 2023 identified two new ongoing studies. The study above and NCT0588794, Impact of E-cigarette Nicotine Concentration on Compensation.

For more information on the full Cochrane review updated in November 2022 see: https://www.cochranelibrary.com/cdsr/doi/10.1002/14651858.CD010216.pub7/...

Or our webpage: https://www.cebm.ox.ac.uk/research/electronic-cigarettes-for-smoking-ces...

This podcast is supported by Cancer Research UK.

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