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Julian Britton

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Duration: 1:35:51 | Added: 23 Aug 2021
Derek Hockaday interviews Julian Britton, surgeon and former Director of Clinical Studies for Oxford Medical School, 23 Jan 2019.

Topics discussed include: (00:00:10) deciding to come to Oxford; (00:03:18) going to Newport as a senior registrar; (00:06:00) thoughts when first arriving at Oxford, surgeons, memories of Ted Maloney; (00:11:26) leaving the Nuffield Department of Surgery and applying for professorship; (00:12:34) research whilst in the Nuffield Department of Surgery and with the haematology department, Cardiff; (00:15:30) impressions of the Radcliffe Infirmary nursing and facilities when arriving from Newport; (00:19:04) time as Director of Clinical Studies at Oxford in 1983; (00:26:02) interest and training in keyhole surgery and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography; (00:32:24) liver surgery; (00:37:11) the development of ultrasound, use particularly with jaundiced patients; (00:41:13) nursing changes and the Salmon report; (00:42:22) medical administration changes; (00:52:23) private practice; (00:54:18) surgical departments, surgeon colleagues; (01:01:40) publications; (01:04:37) laparoscopic repair; (01:06:35) holidays and hobbies; (01:09:11) training up junior staff in surgeries; (01:11:06) Green Templeton college and The Radcliffe Committee, time as the Vice-Warden of the college; (01:17:30) portraits of John Walton; (01:22:20) final thoughts including changing opinion of arts subjects and how they help in medical career, Alex Gatherer, Peter Morris and David Weatherall; (01:33:25) grand rounds of endoscopic and laparoscopc surgeries. Note that the following sections of audio are redacted: 00:11:57-00:12:20; 01:18:06-01:18:25; 01:27:25-01:28:00; 01:31:04-01:32:45.

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