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John Oxbury

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Duration: 1:23:00 | Added: 14 Sep 2021
Derek Hockaday interviews John Oxbury, neurologist, 20 November 2013.

Topics discussed include: (00:00:29) reasons for coming Oxford neurology department; (00:04:19) the London system and clinical training in London; (00:07:50) comparing nursing between Oxford and London hospitals; (00:09:15) development of interest in epilepsy; (00:12:35) working with John Spalding and Alex Crampton Smith doing general neurology on the Respiratory Unit; (00:15:40) professors of neurology including William Ritchie Russell and Brian Matthews; (00:22:35) John Spalding; (00:25:15) the Oxford Respiration Unit Flying Squad; (00:28:42) patient based research papers in the late 1960s; (00:33:44) membership; (00:35:14) writing with Charles Witty; (00:36:59) work as Professor Brian Matthews' first assistant on stroke treatment; (00:43:15) organisation of neurology department and becoming honorary consultant; (00:46:35) differences between honorary consultant and NHS consultant on working practices; (00:49:00) epilepsy surgery, Chris Adams developing hemispherectomy and effect of improved medical imaging; (00:56:40) development of drug therapy on treating epilepsy; (00:58:39) petit mal and treatment; (01:00:20) national and international meetings on epilepsy and neuropsychology; (01:03:03) work load of medics past and present; (01:09:05) working with his wife Sue Oxbury, (01:13:13) clinical psychologists and treatment of epilepsy; (01:15:00) influences including Oliver Zangwill and Joe Pennybacker, Ritchie Russell, Charles Witty and John Spalding.

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