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John Ledingham

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Duration: 1:22:20 | Added: 05 Nov 2020
Peggy Frith interviews John Ledingham, professor of Clinical Medicine and former Director of Clinical Studies, 23 April 2012.

Topics discussed include: (00:03:45) grand rounds and Concilia; (00:04:43) George Pickering and growth of Oxford Medical School; (00:08:15) other main drivers of the growth of the medical school including influx of young and liaison with Cambridge Medical Society and Theo Chalmers, success of medical school; (00:10:50) university and NHS; (00:12:38) student uptake; other key elements of Oxford Medical School success including: (00:15:00) alumni; (00:15:45) Osler house, teaching; (00:17:40) student opinion encouraged and equal part of team, as opposed to 'worship of the consultant'; (00:19:19) juggling teaching and research balance; (00:21:22) Medical Research Society; (00:22:35) Dphil students, including Peter Ratcliffe; (00:24:43) time as Director of Clinical Studies including what the role is there for (00:33:16) Evan Harris, MP (00:36:30) Osler House Boat Club; (00:37:30) College fees and meeting estate bursars relating to Green College; (00:38:39) women in medicine; (00:39:49) women physicians in the family, women in professorships; (00:43:25) career of mother, Una Ledingham; (00:44:37) career of wife, Elaine Ledingham; (00:45:47) treat people not diseases, what makes a good doctor or clinician; (00:49:48) the Clinical gift; (00:52:00) careers and the importance of role model; (00:55:44) particularly inspirational role model – Michael Kremer; (00:58:39) advice from his father; (01:00:26) general conversation, memorable patients, Munchausen syndrome; (01:05:00) Dick Bayliss; (01:06:50) decision to study medicine; (01:09:00) clinical school at Middlesex; (01:10:45) career path, returning to Oxford; (01:11:27) funding for Osler House refurbishment, Wing Tat Lee; (01:17:56) rowing and John Bell; (01:20:30) application decisions as Director of Clinical Studies. Note the following sections of audio are redacted: 00:13:08-13:58; 29:21-32:32; 00:33:48-00:33:58; 00:34:05- 00:36:32; 00:37:37- 00:38:22; 01:00:46-01:00:54; 01:11:38-01:13:30; 01:14:31-01:15:25.

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