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John Ledingham

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Duration: 1:11:47 | Added: 07 Sep 2021
Derek Hockaday interviews John Ledingham, professor of Clinical Medicine and former Director of Clinical Studies, 2013.

Topics discussed include: (00:00:04) entrance to Oxford; (00:00:51) national service in Hong Kong; (00:01:41) changing Oxford course to medicine, tutors for first three years at Oxford; (00:05:00) experience of first three years and schools years; (00:07:12) inspiration from Path and Bac course and Rob Smith; (00:09:25) Oxford compared to London in terms of medical education; (00:11:45) travelling scholarship to New York; (00:13:08) functioning of the Radcliffe Infirmary compared to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital; (00:16:20) comparisons of standard of nursing care across hospitals; (00:17:26) appointment in Oxford as physician; (00:19:38) interest in nephrology; (00:22:32) anecdote illustrating medicine now and then, the renal unit; (00:26:33) Nuffield Department of Medicine readership; (00:28:39) research on kidney, hypertension and supervision of Dphil students; (00:30:55) George Alberti; (00:32:41) involvement in committees and the Medical Research Society; (00:34:15) publishing research; (00:37:39) consultants on firms for the NHS and Nuffield Department of Medicine; (00:40:52) introducing case discussions at the NDM; (00:53:41) ward takes changing through career; (00:45:34) National Renal Association, reading in nephrology; (00:46:42) Paul Beeson's role in Oxford medicine; (00:50:09) surgery at Oxford hospitals; (00:56:10) evolution of drugs to treat hypertension; (00:59:05) interaction with New College; (01:01:55) influence of Emergency Bed Service on London medicine; (01:03:50) unification, George Pickering's vision of Oxford Medicine team; (01:06:08) medical administration. Note the following sections of audio are redacted: 00:24:08-00:24:15; 00:51:09-00:51:40.

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