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Joan Trowell

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Duration: 1:16:15 | Added: 16 Sep 2020
Derek Hockaday interviews Joan Trowell, consultant physician and former deputy Director of Clinical studies, 5 March 2015

Topics discussed include: (00:00:00) How and why Trowell came to oxford; (00:04:00) memories of Paul Beeson; (00:08:00) comparison between Royal Free and Hammersmith hospitals and Oxford hospitals; (00:11:34) comparison of clinical standards and nursing between Oxford and Hammersmith; (00:13:40) views on the Huts at Walton street; (00:14:55) liver research, anaesthetics; (00:22:50) moving to Headington and travelling around the area; (00:32:12) further research; (00:38:16) role as deputy Director of Clinical Studies and becoming representative for General Medical Council on behalf of Oxford and Cambridge; (00:46:25) gender discrimination in early years and at senior appointment level, racial discrimination; (00:50:15) support and counsel of male students; (00:54:38) Medical Women's Federation; (00:55:25) Oxford Prison Board; (00:57:00) treating of esophageal varices condition; (00:59:43) various roles at the General Medical Council; (01:06:55) medical colleagues; (01:10.40) reflection on career, retirement years, work of Royal Medical Benevolent Fund.

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