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Hywel Jones (part 1)

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Duration: 1:19:57 | Added: 16 Sep 2020
Derek Hockaday interviews Hywel Jones, consultant geriatrician, 20 May 2014.

Part 1 of interview. Topics discussed include: (00:00:15) coming to the Oxford hospitals; (00:04:35) time at High Wycombe hospital; (00:07:40) standard of Oxford medical care in comparison to other hospitals; (00:11:52) work of social services with geriatricians (00:16:16) role of multi-disciplinary teams in managing care; (00:24:00) colleagues in first years at Oxford; (00:25:30) scope of involvement in general medicine as well as geriatric, discussion of specialisms and acute medicine; (00:31:19) dealing with cottage hospitals, the running of community hospitals; (00:36:35) work with David Weatherall and John Ledingham; (00:38:20) modern imaging; (00:41:02) effects of administrators and administration process; (00:47:53) rising cost of health care and expectations of public; (00:51:08) judging the biological age of a patient as opposed to chronological age; (00:54:35) effects of anaesthetics, post operative delirium; (00:57:29) end point of dementia and delirium patients; (01:02:26) effect of decline of male smoking; (01:04:35) coming to Oxford for consultant job and moving to Thame; (01:05:48) involvement in administrative committees; (01:09:54) development of Level 4 Ward at John Radcliffe hospital; (01:12:30) Care Quality Commission rating; (01:15:20) inspections in general; (01:19:21) progress in medicine in the last thirty years. Note the following section of audio is redacted: 00:43:02-00:43:15.

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