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The Hunter Heartbeat Method – Kelly Hunter (actor, director and educator)

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Duration: 0:36:16 | Added: 12 Dec 2016
Kelly gives an outline of some of her work using sensory drama games, using Shakespeare’s works, to interact and play with children with autism.

She draws on Shakespeare’s frequent use of the words ‘eyes’, ‘mind’, ‘reason’ and ‘love’, and the connections he draws between the four – what she describes as a “poetry of the brain”. These ideas can then help people with autism who are experiencing a disassociation of mind and body. She also explores the notion of the heartbeat as a barometer for our feelings, comparing it with Shakespeare’s use of rhythm to help convey his character’s feelings. From this, Kelly has over the last 15 years developed a method to tap into this with autistic children, particularly to help them play with different expressions.

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