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How To Set Up Continuous Integration to Make Your Code More Robust, More Maintainable, and Easier to Publish

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Duration: 0:44:46 | Added: 10 Jun 2020
Dr Fergus Cooper, Research Software Engineer, Oxford RSE Group, gives a talk for the department of Statistics on 5th June 2020.

Following on from Graham Lee's talk on automated testing, we will use GitHub actions to automate the testing of a small Python project. We will: recap why this might be a good idea; walk through setting up a workflow on GitHub; test our code against multiple Python versions on multiple operating systems; and integrate other services such as code coverage and automated documentation generation.

Dr Fergus Cooper is a member of the Oxford Research Software Engineering group, which he co-founded in 2018 after finishing a DPhil in the Mathematical Institute. His research background is computational biology where he developed agent-based models of the developing tooth placode. He is now a passionate advocate for software best practices in academia, and will talk to anyone about modern C++."

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