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How does the brain identify voices?

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Duration: 0:10:52 | Added: 09 Apr 2018
In this episode of The Big Questions podcast we joined the experiment to ask: How does he brain identify voices? To find out we interviewed MRI Physicist Stuart Clare and Neuro Scientist Holly Bridge at the Wellcome Centre for Integrative for Neuroimaging

When your brain cells are dying, is it possible to make a robotic brain to replace them?

When I look at a picture of my identical twin sister, Lily, do I process it differently to when I look at a picture of myself?
These were just a couple of questions that were submitted from the general visitors to the ‘Brain Diaries’ exhibition at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History in 2017. As a part of the display they asked visitors for suggestions of experiments about the brain they could carry out within an MRI scanner.

Over 700 people entered the competition and the winning question was streamed live on the Oxford Sparks Facebook channel.

In the episode of The Big Questions podcast we were present at the live experiment to find out the answer: How does he brain identify voices? Listen here to find out… https://www.oxfordsparks.ox.ac.uk/content/how-does-brain-identify-voices

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